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Essay/Term paper: Heroin

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Alcohol and Drugs

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Heroin related deaths and arrests among young pop culture musicians has
not been this visible for decades. "We observe pop culture making this drug-
which is very lethal-look glamorous and chic," says Ginna Marston of the
Partnership for a Drug-Free America (54). For example, according to Karen
Schoemer's report for Newsweek, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Shannon Hoon of Blind
Melon and Jerry Garcia of Greatful Dead, all participated and abused heroin
(54). Kurt Cobain took his own life with a shotgun, while battling his heroin
addiction. Also, Shannon Hoon overdosed on cocaine while he had recently tried
to kick his heroin habit. In addition, Jerry Garcia who had been a drug junkie
for years died in a rehabilitation center while trying to come clean from drug
use. However, Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, David Gahan of Depeche Mood
and actor Robert Downey, Jr. were all arrested for possession of heroin and
other illicit drugs (54). Weiland was busted on heroin and cocaine possession in
May, 1995 (54). Furthermore, Gahan was arrested for drug possession after an
overdose on heroin and cocaine (54). In addition, Downey was arrested when
officials found heroin, crack, and cocaine in his car after he was pulled over
for speeding. He plead not guilty to the charges and was sentenced to a
mandatory rehab program. Downey on June 28, 1995 walked out of the drug
treatment facility, but later turned himself in the next day (54). Heroin is
very much in back and has become a major trend and a way of life for the pop
culture life style.


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