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Essay/Term paper: Only those with no hope take drugs

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Alcohol and Drugs

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Only Those With No Hope Take Drugs

Beatle John Lennon once said "Only those with no hope take drugs." But
I believe the statement is partly true, because not only those with no hope take
drugs but more and more young generations begin using drugs. Moreover, others
may use drugs out of curiosity, for a thrill, or to rebel. Regardless of why
drug use begins, many people continue the practice because they become dependent
on the drug.
In recent years, the age of users of drugs has descended dramatically,
nowadays, even a eight year-old kid may use drugs. Young people begin using
drugs for numerous reasons. Some experiment with drugs because their friends
use them. Many young people find it difficult to resist peer pressure, which
comes from the influence of people their own age. In addition, they are easily
influenced by media, such as movies, music, TV, and etc. Moreover, young people
often have a sense, that death or other severe consequences of drug use will not
affect them personally. At the age of rebel, teenagers are curious of trying
new things which they've been told forbidden. Adults may begin using drugs for
some of the same reasons as young people. In addition, the stress of life, job,
and family pressures may lead people to seek relief in drugs.
When people do not know how to handle their stress and depressions
properly, they seek for ways that can solve, at least lessen their pains. Using
drugs is certainly one method to reduce pressures and stress when there is no
help coming from others. Because drug causes temporarily delusion of what a
person sees, hears, and smells, he or she might feel a sense of invulnerability.
It will make anyone from hell to heaven. On the other hand, there are many
ways, other than using drugs, that can help to solve one's problems. There is
always hope unless you don't give it a try. Don't surrender to drugs!


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