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Essay/Term paper: Why i think they should legalize pot

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Alcohol and Drugs

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Why I Think They Should Legalize Pot

By Hagbard Celine

There has recently been lots of contreversy over whether they should
legalize marijuana, or not. I think they should, and there is lots of important
evidence and reasons to support this. If drugs were legalized, this country
would be a much nicer place to inhabit and for this reason and others, the
government should stop cracking down on harmless pot users. Here are the
reasons why weed should be legalized in the United States:

First, our prisons are so full of drug users like harmless pot smokers
and such that we do not have any place to stick real criminals. A friend of my
brother's was killed by a drunk driver about three years ago when he went off to
college. The guy who did it got community service time, and a year without his
liscense. This is not justice, and changes need to be made. We can't throw
every little pot head in jail just because they like grass. After all, it's not
like it's cocaine or something, which should still be illegal.

Second, marijuana is not even as bad as some of the stuff that's legal.
You are more in control of your senses than when trashed, and not nearly as
violent. Nobody has ever died directly from getting stoned. Smoking a joint is
not as likely to cause cancer as a cigarette, and weed isn't addictive. In fact,
there are very little bad sides to smoking marijuana. It doesn't even burn your
throat as much when you smoke it in a bong as do cigarettes.

Thirdly, if the price of pot went down quite a bit, then there would be
no crime because of it. Pot would be very good for our economy, and pot farmers
would make lots of money. It's easy to grow, hence the nickname "weed." And
the price would drop so much that a dime bag would be a penny bag, and a 100-
sack would be a dimer!

Finally, it's unconstitutional to limit our pursuit of happiness. When
I'm stoned, I'm quite happy. Everything is cool when you're baked. If the
government makes pot illegal, they are taking away your right to pursue being
happy, because you're happy when you're under the influence of marijuana.

For these reasons and MANY others, the United States government ought to
end the ban on drugs. Only if they do can we have "justice for all."


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