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Essay/Term paper: Creative writing: beer and drugs make people suck

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Alcohol and Drugs

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Creative Writing: Beer and Drugs Make People Suck

There is a weak smoke rising up over the treetops. The golden sun is on
its way down in west and on a little campsite in the woods, can Dan see a little
flame from a fireplace and he can hear laughter, songs and clinging bottles. Dan
walks a little closer to find out who's there. Suddenly he steps on a stick and
one of the people on the campsite stands up and shouts: "Who is it ?" Dan can
hear that it is George who is shouting.
"It's Dan!" he shouts back. "Come over here and party with us Dan."
George shouts.
Dan walks over to the campsite and sits down beside Kelly, who have been
a girlfriend with Dan, some time ago. George offers Dan a beer, but he doesn't
want it. "Are you a chicken ?" George ask. "No, I'm not a chicken, I'm
reasonable." Dan seas. "Have it your way, it only means that I can have one more
beer." George seas and opens the bottle.
Dan and Kelly are not drinking, but the rest of the are drinking enough
for them both.
"Do you want to come with me to the movies tomorrow, Kelly ?" Dan asks.
"Yes, sure, why not ?" "Well I better get going," Dan seas and stands up. "I'll
see you tomorrow then Kelly." "Yes, I'll see you. Bye." "Bye, everybody."
Dan walks home, and regrets that he had broken up with Kelly that time.
Maybe he could ask her again? Yes, he was going to ask her again tomorrow. He
took a shower and went to bed. When he was laying there, he taught about all the
good times he and Kelly had had together. He hoped that Kelly still loved him.
He felled asleep fast and he woke up early in the morning thinking about tonight.
He had a smile all over his face when he came down in the kitchen, and his mom
asked what he was so happy about but he wouldn't answer. The day went and the
watch was coming closer eight.
He was suppose to get Kelly at that time. He got dressed and walked
towards Kelly's house. On the way there was a flower shop where he bought a
bucket of flower to Kelly. He came to Kelly's house and rang the door bell. Her
mom came out, and Dan asked if Kelly was home. "I'm sorry Dan, Kelly can't go
out today." She said.
"Is she sick ?" Dan asked "No, she's not sick Dan, it's worse than
that." "What do you mean." "I mean that she was raped by George in the woods
last night." Kelly's mom said and slammed the door in the face on Dan. I'm gone
kill that son of a bitch. I will go to jail if necessary. Dan thought for him
self. Dan rang the door bell again, and Kelly's mom came out again. "I wondered
if you could give this bucket of flower to Kelly from me?"
"Of course I will, and I'm sorry about I slamming the door in your
face." "Oh....That was nothing," Dan said.
He walked fast over to George's house and rang the door bell. George
came out and acted like nothing had happened. "Hey Dan, How are you today?" "
I'm fine but you will not be after I'm finish with you." Dan hits George with
all his power and George falls down and doesn't rise.
"That was for hurting Kelly and this is from me," he shouts and kicks
with all his power between George's legs and straight on his noble properties.
"That is what you deserve." Dan says and walks his way. George is laying in the
hall bleeding from his mouth and holding on his p....


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