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Essay/Term paper: The media

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Argumentative Essays

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The Media

The media has been causing problems and clashes in opinions probably
ever since the television was invented. The media probably started out OK, but
after a while, they started twisting opinions and stories, and taking sides. I
think that the media is going to twist a story to make it more interesting once
too many times, and someone is going to sue them badly for it. I would like to
prove that the media sometimes messes up the truth.

The media sometimes finds a certain person and makes his/her story
sound worse and sadder so that they can get sympathy for that person and then
asks people to send money to help the person out. Not that that is a bad
intention, but it is none of our business. I think that the media should just
publish pictures, and then let you choose who you want to feed.

There is also the possibility that the only reason that big news
companies just need filler for their network, so they go to another country to
find some story on miserable people. If I was in some tribe in Africa or
something I would not want anyone bothering me by putting a camera in my face.
I would want the money to buy food, but if someone over in America just needed
my story for filler, I wouldn't be too happy.

It should be the tribe's leader that should have to get the tribe out of
trouble in any way that he could. It is not our business to send them our money
to get food for the people that got themselves into trouble, but I think it
makes people feel good to donate things to needy people. I just think that the
media isn't telling people the whole story. Maybe the starving people spent all
their money on drugs? I doubt that many people would send their hard earned
cash if they knew that the person was just going to buy more drugs with it.

I think that the media has been messing up stories and opinions, but
I'm sure that they did some good work also. It would be pretty hard to get
every little single fact right, but they shouldn't change things to make them
sound more interesting. I think that by the media's mistakes and their twisting
things, they have given many people false impressions or gotten hopes up just
to be broken. If they would just try a little harder, then not as many people
would be upset and the media would get a better reputation, but they still
shouldn't bug into other people's business. They have good intentions, but it
just gets them into trouble.


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