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Essay/Term paper: Kurt donald cobain

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Kurt Donald Cobain

Kurt Donald Cobain was born in Hoquiam near Aberdeen
,Washington. His mother was Wendy and his father was Donald Cobain.
Kurt was born on February 20, 1967. Kurt died on April 5,1994.
Kurt was bright and receptive boy who had an interest in music
from the early age of two. He had a Mickey mouse drum set that he
beated night and day, Kurt's aunt Mary gave him his first guitar lesson ,
found that he couldn't sit through a whole lesson pretty much like any
six or seven would not. Kurt's parents took him to see a specialist to
diagnose his problem. The specialist said he was hyperactive and
prescribed Ritalin, a type of amphetamine. This was the beginning of a
life of drug use, abuse and dependence for Kurt.
In 1975, Kurt's parents divorced. When they separated Kurt
moved in with his mother. This was the start of a series of moves from
relative to relative. This caused a great deal of stress for Kurt and he
became secluded.
Kurt expressed his inner thoughts and emotions through music, by
listening and empathizing with bands such as Black Sabbath and the Sex
While in high school Kurt met Buzz Osbourne and Matt Lukin of
the Melvins, musical heroes and inspirations to Kurt. Also while in high
school he met future band mate with Nirvana, and many other groups,
Krist(Chris) Novoselic. Krist was an immigrant from Croatia and he
and Kurt became friends instantly. Later Kurt and Krist formed Nirvana
with Chad Channing as drummer and recorded Bleach in 1989 for only
$600. Channing was replaced with Dave Grohl, now of the Foo
Fighters, who went on to record their other five CD's as Nirvana's new
Drug were easily found for the youths living the town. Kurt was
smoking hash and tryed any kick that came his way. Kurt had been
experimentin drugs for some time , probably developing from the Ritalin
he was prescribed as a child. He was known to have tried heroin by the
summer of 1986 and he continued to do hard drugs through out his life.
Kurt quotes about his heroin addiction .

The biggest thing that affected me was all
the insane heroin rumors all this speculation
going on. I felt totally violated I never realized
that my private life would be such an issue.1

Kurt was arrested as a teen for vandalism when he wrote "Homo
Sex Rules" on the outside of a bank.
Kurt Cobain had something going with his music at the age 18 so
he left school a week short of graduation. He also passed down an art
Kurt had been moving from friend to friend sleeping on their floors
and sometimes on the street or shelters and even under a bridge, because
his parents were separated and it was to hard to go back and stay.
Kurt was very abuse of with his music equipment for example he
I was looking for something a lot heavier yet melodic
at the same time , something different from heavy a
different metal attitude.2
Kurt smashed his guitars a lot his first time he smashed one was on
October 30, 1988.

Question 1.

Kurt Donald Cobain started playing music at the early age of 2
years old. He received a Mickey Mouse drum set, and beated it around
night and day. As you know Kurt Cobain didn't play the drums when he
was playing with Nirvana he song and played the guitar.At the age of
seven his aunt gave him his first guitar lessons but as any seven year old
he couldn't sit through a days lesson.
Kurt as a teen was a drug addic and was one as an adult because
he just couldn't quit. The biggest thing that reason why the drugs got
him hooked on them was he was stressed out most of the time and
depression. That how most teens get hooked on these powerful drugs.
The reason why he was stressed out most of the time was because he was
moving from friend to friend and streets and shelters and even under
bridges. The biggest reason why he was doing this was because his
parents had just separated and he just didn't care much of them after
So Kurt grown up the way he acted in his childhood life. There
wasn't much changes through his teen life until his adult life. Kurt grew
up as a grunge type drug user that just loved people to much as he
quoted in his suicide not that he just loved people to much.
Only because it seems so easy for
people to get along and have empathy.
Only because I love and feel sorry for
people to much I guess.3

Question 2.

Kurt Cobain was influenced by many people going back to when
he met Buzz Osbourn and Matt Lukinwho influenced him to join the
music world , and by relatives they were influencing him to stay with
them and not live on the streets. He did stay with them although it made
him depressed. He quotes.

I moved back and forth between
relatives all the time. And I just
became extremely depressed and
withdrawn. 4

Kurt was also influenced by many other people like band members
(David Grahl and Krist Novoselic). His wife Courtney Love former lead
singer of Hole and now actrise. His favorite band the Melvins , his
parents and all his fans that liked his music.

There wasn't many people that Kurt influenced because of his drug
problems, but he did influence many kids all over the world because of
his loud guitar playing. Kids heard his music and just said wow I want to
play like that. Some other people he influenced was his band member
David Grahl because after his death David went on and played with the
Foo Fighters.

Kurt was influenced by others more because some parents don't let
their kids listen to his music because he did drugs and he killed him self
but you better don't say he killed himself yet because his investigator
believes he was killed by the friend that was with him in his garage
smoking Heroin with him. His friends name is unknown.

Jeremy Dean is the author of the book Nirvana. He is also the
author of the CD Guide to Nine Inch Nails , is an underground film-
maker and freelance journalist working for several national magazines
and newspapers.

Question 4

It seemed that as a kid Kurt grew up loving music. As I said earlier
in this report that he had a Mickey Mouse drum set and he had his first
guitar lesson at the age of seven years old that his aunt Mary bought for
When he was kid he was doing every kick (drug) that came his
way while living in a big city it wasn't hard for him to get it. He also did
almost every hard drug that was out there. He still did that as he was an
Ever since meeting Buzz Osbourne and Matt Lukin , Kurt took his
music really seriously, but when he was an adult he said that he wasn't
having a hundred percent fun he quotes.

The worst crime I could think of
would be to pull people off by
faking it, pretending as if I'm
having one hundred percent fun... 5

Krist Novoselic a member of Nirvana pointed out that Kurt grew
into the business hating to play music, Krist quotes.

Well Kurt , the worst crime I
can think of is for you to just
continue being a rock star when
you f***ing hate it, just f***ing
stop. 6

Question 3

The people around him influenced a lot but some didn't.
Courtney Love (his wife) and Frances Bean Cobain( is daughter)
probably influenced him the most knowing that Courtney was the lead
singer of HOLE , when he needed help with his music she was right
there for him , and Frances Bean, who Kurt loved dearly thought of her
as the best drug he could have had when he was holding her. He quotes.

I knew that when I had a
child , I'd be overwhelmed
and it's true... I can't tell you
how much my attitude has
changed since we've got
Frances. Holding my baby is
the best drug in the world. 5

He didn't like people listen to his music when they didn't even
know much about it. I think that his band members influenced him as
much as Frances Bean and Courtney Love , because he was with them
most of the time on tours.
From all this influence Kurt received all he thought that of him self
as a self- destructive , death rocker. He quotes from his suicide note.

I have goddess of a wife who
sweats ambition and empathy

and a daughter who reminds
me too much of what I used
to be, full of love and joy,
kissing every person she meets
because everyone is good and
will do her no harm. And that
terrifies me to the point to where
I can barely function. I can't stand
the thought of Frances becoming
the miserable , self - destructive,
death rocker I've become. 6

I think that he had a lot of people that influenced him.


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