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Essay/Term paper: Albert einstein 3

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This German born physicist is considered one of

the world"s greatest thinkers in history. Not only

did he shape the way people think of time, space,

matter, energy, and gravity but he also was a

supporter of Zionism and peaceful living. Einstein

was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm Germany,

and spent most of his youth living in Munich,

where his family owned a small electric machinery

shop. He attended schooling in Munich, which he

found unimaginative and dull. In addition to this he

taught himself Euclidean geometry at the age of

12. Later his family was forced to move to Milan,

Italy where he then decided to withdraw from

school at the age of 15. Eventually he realized that

he had to finish secondary school, which he took

in Arrau, Switzerland. On the other hand he still

often skipped class to study physics on his own

much like myself. At age 22 he became a Swiss

citizen and in 1903 married a women named

Mileva Marec, whom which he had two sons with

but nonetheless latter divorced as to marry his

cousin in 1919. Which is unlike me. On the other

hand he did publish five major research papers at

the age of 26. The first one getting him his

doctorate in 1905. The first paper was on

Brownian motion, which is a zigzag motion of

microscopic particles in suspension. He suggested

that the movement was the result of the random

motion of molecules of the suspension medium as

they rebound off suspended particles. The second

paper laid the base of the photon, or quantum

theory of light. It said that light is made off

separate packets of energy, titled quanta or

photons. The paper remade the theory of light.

Also explaining the emissions of electrons from

some solid objects when they are struck by light.

Televisions are practical applications of Einstein"s

discoveries. The third paper, which he began as an

essay at age 16, contained the "special theory of

relativity." He showed that time and motion are

relative to the observer, if the speed of light is

constant and natural laws are the same

everywhere in the universe. The fourth was a

mathematical addition to the special theory of

relativity. This is where he presents his famous

E=mc², also known as the energy mass

equivalence. Compton"s Interactive Encyclopedia

translates it as "(E) inherent in mass (m) equals the

mass multiplied by the velocity of light squared

(c²)." His fifth paper was his general theory of

relativity. In which he proposed that gravity is not

a force, a previously accepted theory but it"s a

curved field in the space-time continuum created in

the presence of mass. In 1921 Einstein won the

Nobel Prize for physics for the confirmation of his

general theory of relativity although the other

papers where still considered controversial. In

1933 he moved to the U.S.A where he became a

citizen in 1940. Einstein died in Princeton, NJ, on

April 18, 1955. But the knowledge he passed still

caries through tomorrow.  

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