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Essay/Term paper: Another albert einstein

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Einstein was a great man who contributed many

theories and ideas to the world of science. Some

people considered him one of the smartest human

beings alive. The theory of relativity is also said to

be "held as the human thought of highest quality.

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany in

1879. In 1894, Einstein"s family moved to Milan.

Einstein went to Switzerland, and he attended

Aarau Secondary School. There, he received his

Swiss Citizenship. Afterwards, Einstein returned

back to his home, Ulm Germany, and studied to

become a mathematics and physics teacher. Later

in 1902-1909, he worked at the patent office, as

an examiner in Bern. He obtained his doctorate

while working there. During this time he developed

the theory of relativity, in 1905, which explained

the photoelectric effect and studied the motion of

atoms. The theory, E=mc explained that mass and

energy were equivalent. Later in 1908, he became

a lecturer at the University of Bern. Then

eventually in 1909, he became a physics teacher

back at the University of Bern. As you can see,

Einstein had a very busy academic life. By this

time, Einstein"s incredible knowledge had

attracted many scientists. In 1910, he became a

professor at the German University, in Prague. By

1913, Einstein had become famous internationally.

In 1921, Einstein was awarded with the Nobel

Prize for his incredible work in physics, especially

his theory of Relativity. In 1933, he accepted a

place at Princeton, the institute for advanced

study. Einstein became very happy in 1940, when

he became an American citizen. Although, Einstein

was very worried about the possible use of

Atomic Energy in bombs. He wrote to the

President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt,

to investigate this. Einstein wanted world peace

and disagreed with wars. Here is a more detailed

explanation of Einstein"s Theory of Relativity.

Einstein's early work on the theory of relativity

(1905) dealt only with systems or observers in

uniform (unaccelerated) motion with respect to

one another and is referred to as the special theory

of relativity; among other results, it demonstrated

that two observers moving at great speed with

respect to each other will disagree about

measurements of length and time intervals made in

each other's systems, that the speed of light is the

limiting speed of all bodies having mass, and that

mass and energy are equivalent. Overall Einstein

had wished that his theories would be very simple

and easy to understand, but no matter how simple

he made them, they were still hard to interpret.

Maybe, this was one of his only flaws in the work

he did. Einstein was fascinated by the works of

Max Plancle and other leading scientists. Max was

concerned with the phenomenon of energy being

emitted in tiny quantities from objects. Sadly, in

1955, Albert Einstein died in Princeton. Even

though, he was still world renown for his great

contributions to the science and the world. People

wonder if he had lived would the world have been

a better place, but even without the great

knowledge on Einstein we can still work together

to achieve what Albert Einstein had achieved.  

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