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Essay/Term paper: Dennis rodman- bad as i wanna be

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Biography

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Title: Bad As I Wanna Be

Author: Dennis Rodman with Tim Keown

# of pages: 258

Setting: The book takes place in Dallas, Texas where Dennis

Rodman lived while he was a kid, Detroit, Michigan where Dennis

Rodman played basketball for the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio,

Texas where Dennis Rodman played basketball for the San Antonio

Spurs, and Chicago, Illinois where Dennis Rodman is currently

playing for the Chicago Bulls.

Character: Dennis Rodman. A pro basketball player who plays

for the Chicago Bulls. He averages 18.7 rebounds a game which

90% of the time is the best in the NBA. He is currently making

10 million dollars a year. He is divorced and has a daughter

named Alexis. He says Alexis is the only reason he is here


Summary: On April of 1993 Dennis Rodman sat in his pick-up truck

with a gun in his lap deciding whether he should kill himself.

He was in depression at the time because the Detroit Pistons were

doing very poorly that year considering they were Champions of

the World just three years before that. The NBA had changed

Dennis Rodman into someone he didn't even know. It seemed as

though Dennis spent his life trying to be what others wanted him

to be. Once he realized he had to start living for himself,

people perceived him as being rebellious and as most people say

weird. Dennis Rodman just wants everyone to know who he really

is and to accept him for himself and to let him do his job.

Theme: I learned that Dennis Rodman is not as crazy as

everyone thinks he is. He is actually a very normal person. I

think the reason this book was released is because Dennis Rodman

has a very interesting life. People want to know what it is like

to be Dennis Rodman.

Opinion: I think this was a excellent book. The reason why I

say that is because Dennis Rodman was not afraid nor ashamed to

say anything, he let it all go as he usually does.

I would recommend this book to anyone that finds Dennis

Rodman interesting and to anyone who is 14 to adult because of

the language Dennis Rodman uses in the book.


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