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Essay/Term paper: Michael jordan

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Biography

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an American Professional Basketball Player .
I picked Michael for my biography because I consider him to be
the best basketball player in the NBA . Michael is recognized for
his spectacular ball handling skills and for his outrageous dunks .
He is also the leading scorer in the NBA , and a winner of three
NBA most valuable player award in 1988,1991, and 1992 . Jordan was
born in Brooklyn , New York , and raised in Wilmington , North
Carolina . He accepted a basketball scholarship at the University of
North Carolina and as a freshman he scored the winning shot in
the 1982 NCAA championship game .

In 1984 Jordan led the U.S. basketball team to
victory in the Olympics . After that he left college to play for the
Chicago Bulls . Jordan was successful as a professional from his first
season , Leading the NBA in the 1984-85 season in points scored . He
also was named rookie of the year and started in the All Star game .

In the 1986-87 season Jordan became the second player
ever to score 3000 points in one season . In the following six
seasons he led the NBA in scoring averaging more than 30 points per
game . Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to their first NBA championship
tittle in 1991, and did it again in 1992 and in 1993 . Jordan
retired from basketball in 1994 to play baseball . He only played for
about one year but he didn't have what it took to be a baseball
player . He came back to play basketball in the middle of the 1995
season to lead the Bulls into the first round of the playoffs where
they where beat .

Jordan was the NBA's most valuable player for the 1987-
88 season and again for the 1990-91 and the 1991-92 season . This is
the first time a NBA player won for two consecutive seasons . He was
also a member of the Dream Team that won the gold metal in
basketball at the 1992 Summer Olympics .

Many people consider Michael to be the best basketball
player in the world . I consider him to be the best on earth . Also
one of the most world renown players ever to be recognized all over
the world . Jordan has signed many profitable contracts to endorse
commercial products such as Nike , Pepsi , Gatorade , and many more .


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