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Essay/Term paper: John kennedy

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Biography

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John Fitzgerald was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May
29, 1917. He graduated from Harvard University in 1940. Which
led to some of his earlier political successes. Some came from when
he ran for the United States House of Representatives in 1946, and
was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1952. In 1953 he married
Jacqueline Bouvier. During recuperation from spinal surgery,
Kennedy completed Profiles in Courage (1956), for which he won a
Pulitzer Prize in 1957.
Kennedy attempted to win the Vice-president presidential
nomination and failed; Kennedy began to plan for the presidential
election in 1960. He won the nomination on the first ballot. He
campaigned with Senator Lyndon B. Johnson his running mate,
against Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the Republican nominee.
The issues of defense and economic standards were raised in four
televised debates. Kennedy won the election with 113,000 votes out
of 680,000 cast. Kennedy"s wit and charm earned him considerable
popularity at home and abroad. "Every president must endure a
gap between what he would like and what is possible" he once said.
In the fall of 1963 Kennedy began to plan his strategy for
re-election. On November 22, at 12:30 p.m., while riding in an open
limousine through Dallas, Texas, Kennedy was shot in the head and
neck by a gunmen. Kennedy was rushed to the Parkland Memorial
Hospital, were efforts to save him failed. Chief Justice Earl
Warren concluded in September 1964 the assassin was Lee Harvey
The state funeral of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was
watched on television by millions around the world. He was the
youngest president ever elected and the first Roman Catholic. John
F. Kennedy was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Kennedy


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