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Essay/Term paper: The old man and the sea

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Book Reports

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This book takes place in the past and is about an old man

that loves fishing in the Gulf Stream. The old man was a thin

with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck and had scars on

his hands from handling the fishing rope. He taught this young

boy how to fish and the boy loved him. He even brought him

fishing many times. But the past 84 days the old man had not

caught one fish. After 40 days of not catching anything the

boy left and fished on another boat. The boy still loved him

and brought him food and fresh bait to fish. The old man and

the boy always talked about baseball because they both

enjoyed it. One day, the old man was out on the water

fishing. The weather was beautiful, the currents were perfect,

and he saw all birds flying over the water. He knew he had

to catch a nice fish today. He saw one of his poles have a

jerk so he pulled it in and it was a bonita fish, which he was

goin to use for a nice piece of bait later in the day. The day

progressed and he saw a real big jerk on the pole. He

jumped up and held it, but the fish was not hooked yet. A

couple more jerks he felt, but the fish was not taking it.

Finally the fish did and he could feel that it had to be a fish of

enormous size. He could not pull it up because it was so

strong. He had to hold onto it until the fish was tired and

decided to come up. Then when it would come up, he would

take his harpoon and stab it in the heart so it would die. This

fish was taking all the strength out of him and it was pulling

his skiff farther and farther out. Now he wished that the boy

was here with him to help him pull it up. It was 3 days later

until he finally got the fish to jump out of the water. When it

did he saw that it was the biggest marlin he ever saw. To

regain strength and pull the fish in, he had to eat the bonita

that he caught. He ate all of it and it helped his hand that was

cut from the rope. The fish was now gettin tired and almost

by the boat. It started circling the boat and when it was close

enough, he stabbed it in the heart and killed it. He was so

amazed of the size of it and he could not take his eyes off it.

He tied it to the skiff and put his sails up. He was off on his

way home, but no land was in sight. While on the way back,

he sees a fin out of the water. He notices it is a large mako

shark that is coming after his fish. He gets his harpoon out

ready to kill. The shark takes a chunk out of his fish and the

old man harpoons and kills the shark but his harpoon broke.

Now he was left only with a knife to protect what was left of

the fish. The fish is now bleeding, and sharks are attracted

when they see and smell blood. A couple hours later on his

voyage home, he sees to more sharks heading right for his

fish. Both sharks take a chunk out of the fish but the old man

manages to stab both sharks in the eye killing them. His fish

was getting smaller and smaller because of the sharks. This

time while stabbing the sharks in the eyes his knife breaks,

now all he has to kill the sharks is a oar. If any more sharks

come he is ruined. A couple more hours of sailing two more

sharks come and eat the rest of his fish, leaving just the head

and scales of the enormous fish he had. When he was back

at the dock, he just got off the boat and went right into his

house and fell asleep. Everyone was so amazed by the fish

he caught even though nothing was left of it. The boy told the

old man to rest and get better and he would fish with him


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