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Essay/Term paper: Chemistry

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Chemistry

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I am chemistry. I am mysterious and mature, malodorous, yet vivacious. I am a
heaving search for answers to all kinds of interesting questions. I am extremely
broad, that I overlap with all the other natural sciences. I am the fundamental
unit of matter-the atom-only to be seen by the utmost effective microscope. I
prosper in the dashing, fiery flames in a fragile glass beaker over a bunsen
burner and develope powerful rocket fuels. I am a clamorous explosion of two
flammable chemicals intermixed in a laboratory. I am liquid flowing from one
tube to another, "volumous" gas, and clustered solids. I am the most abundant
element in the Earth's crust, a thick,blanket of gas enveloping the Earth,
providing gases necessary for the support of plants and animals. I am the
colorless air that is breathed in constantly. I am the plunging rain tah pours
when the sun is shining, the white, damp snow that drifts in children's dreams,
and the darting hail that prevents little boys and girls to attend school. I am
the vivid part of life. I shield protection for those below me from the sun's
intense heat. I am fed and drunk by those who go through hunger. As acid
contained in the human body, I digest food and clean out wastes. I am a
desperate hope for a cure, yet poison, slowly spreading in the air and along the
land. I am the colorful fireworks "sprocketed" across the dark sky when the
touch of two soft lips are gently pressed together. I am the warm tears
trickling slowly down a child's face when the thought of going to school all
alone crosses his mind. I am te pure exhilaration every time two people fall in
love. I am rubbed roughly against a filthy body and massaged along a baby's butt.
Ancient or modern, I am vigorous.


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