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Essay/Term paper: The call of the wild

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Cliff Notes

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The Call of

the Wild has a very interesting plot. It is centered around a

St. Bernard and Scotch Shepard mix, named Buck. At

home, which was a large house called Judge Millers Place,

in the sun kissed Sanata Clara Valley, he ruled over all dogs.

Buck was Judge Miller's inseperable companion, until a man

named Manuel, who was the one of the gardener's helpers,

commited a treacherous act. Manuel, to cover his Chinese

lottery gambling debts, stole Buck from his sound sleep and

brought him to a flag station called College Park. There, the

exchanging of money took place. It was simple. Manuel

needed money to pay off his gambling debts, and Buck was

a prime candidate. Buck was loaded onto an express car to

Seattle. When he got there, he was bought by two men

named Perrault and Francois. He was loaded onto a ship

called the Narwhal and tooken to the Yukon, where he was

to be trained as a sled dog. There were other sled dogs that

Buck came to know well, each with their own unique

personality. After only a short time of training, Buck was a

sled dog, traveling with the team of huskys and mix breeds

from Dyea Beach, to the town of Dawson. After several

trips with Perrault and Francois, Buck was traded to a know

nothing, gold seeking family. they knew nothing, or hardly

nothing, about managing a sled team. There trip began with a

very bad start. The family had loaded up their wagon with

too much unneded baggage, and it was top heavy. as the

dogs began to pull away and pull around a curve, the

baggage tipped over along with the sled and thus the

unnecessary baggage was discarded, and the trip was barely

completed because of harsh weather, inadequate supplies,

and poor management skills of the dog handlers. All except

a man that went by the name of John Thornton, perhaps the

only sane one in the group. After on e of the men repeatedly

beat on a dog, Thornton became enraged. He threatened to

kill the man, and shortly after, he unhooked the beaten Buck

from the sled, the rest of the family left John Thornton. A

few minutes later, the rest of the family that left thornton

behind fell through some cracked ice and drowned. That left

Buck and Thornton to fend for themselves. the time of this

book is in the great gold rush era in the Yukon and Alaska.

The rest of the book concludes what happens to Buck and

John Thornton and some of the extrordinary times they have

together. I think you will enjoy this book because it is full of

adventure. Not once did i want to put the book down. Call

of the Wild is a book that more truly represents but does not

actually depict what the gold rush era was really like for the

people and the dogs who toiled through the harsh Yukon

Territory. That, in itself, makes the book more interesting to

read. I also think you will enjoy reading this book because it

is a classic, and written by Jack London, whose prior

achievements speak for themselves. This respect towards

the author allows you to focus more on the text and not the

credibility of the author. The final reason i think you will

enjoy this book is that it tells about the goods and bads of

wilderness life. it doesn't just lean to one side.  

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