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Essay/Term paper: Animal farm-the comparison of napoleon and keno

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Cliff Notes

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Animal Farm: The Comparison of Napoleon and Keno

The two books, Animal Farm, and The Pearl, consist of many different things. One book

tells how an entire farm of animals can talk and think like human beings. It also tells you how

they become the equivalent of the russian government by trying to take over the farm. The other

story ,however, is about a poor man and his family trying to make ends meat with a small fishing

job which pays off for him eventually when he finds a giant pearl. What do these two books have

in common with each other? Power, wealth, and greed.

In the book Animal Farm, we find the main character, Napoleon, as a young boar with

ambition and a chance to win the struggle of leadership of his pears and enemies. In the story a

leader or leaders must be found to represent the animals. Because the pigs are believed to be the

most intelligent of the animals they are chosen to lead. As the book goes on you start to notice a

change in Napoleon's behavior. He starts to betray his fellow animals and allie with the humans.

Being that the others look up to him so much, they do not really notice this. Because he is in

such a hunger for power and wealth he doesn't want to share it. This is why he has his own

partner, Snowball, banned from the farm. This not only gave him more power but it also ensured

him the support of the other animals. They believed that he was trying to save them from being

exposed by a spy (Snowball) when the real spy was in fact Napoleon .

In the story The Pearl, a man and his family who were extremely poor are barely

surviving with what they have. Keno, the man, had a job as a fisherman. He used his most prized

possession which was his boat. At the job one day he finds a giant pearl which to him is worth a

lot of money. Things start to look up for Keno and his family. This pearl becomes a part of Keno

and he will protect it at any cost. As the story goes on Keno begins to change. He starts to

revolve his whole life around this pearl. He begins to change from a poor but proud family man

into a greed and power driven psycho with a pearl.

The question that still stands is "What do theses two characters have in common?" Well

some way or another, each character becomes greedy and power hungry. Napoleon seeks the

power and wealth of ruling the farm and the humans. Keno becomes wealthy and completely

pulls a 180 transforming form a nice guy to a greedy money hungry pig. "PIG" That is the whole

point behind Animal Farm. Pigs were chosen to lead the animals and it is believed by many the

Russian rulers are all pigs.

You can find many comparisons between two different characters. Sometimes it can be

positive and sometimes it can be negative. Either way the comparison will not be out in the

open. You have to think hard and dig deep to find it. Also, greed and power often corrupt people

in the end. If i ever become rich and powerful I would either give some of it away or have

someone else look over it for me.


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