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Essay/Term paper: Annie's baby

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Cliff Notes

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Book Report

The title of the story is Annie's Baby. The date of it's original publication was in 1998.

The author was an Anonymous pregnant teenager. But was edited by Beatrice Sparks.

The main character of the story is Annie. Annie lives with her mom. After her dad left she became a different person. Annie is a very intelligent fourteen year old girl. But she seems a bit lonely. She's very pretty but she is kind of a slob.

The other character is Danny. Danny's father is rich so he lives in a big house by the lake. The boy Annie falls in love with but treats her really bad. Another character is Daisy who is the Diary that Annie writes in.

The setting of the story in town out by a lake. Everyone knows each other.

There is no narrator because Annie is telling the story from her point of view.

Annie meets a boy at school and falls in love with him. He rapes her and she forgives him because she says she is in love. He hits her when she doesn't want to have sex with him but she later says it was all her fault when he gets mad at her. Annie ends up pregnant and Danny doesn't want to take responsibility for the baby. Danny says that it could be some one else's child. Annie has the baby and later gives her to a family that she knows will give Baby Annie a good life.

The author is the main character so she thinks she is doing the right thing.

I think it's nice that Annie put the time when she would write in her diary. It gives the story more detail.

The main theme is the outcome of puppy love.

There weren't any leading symbols.

I thought the story was sad because Annie was only fourteen and she had so much ahead of her. But when she gave the baby to that family it was probably the best thing that Annie could've possibly done. Her love was for a boy made her go through so much. She got raped beaten and to add insult to injury he dumped her. 

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