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Essay/Term paper: Beowulf- an epic hero

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Cliff Notes

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The hero of an epic poem normally embodies the ideals

of conduct that are most

valued by the culture which the epic was composed. In

the epic poem "Beowulf"

Beowulf was the epic hero. He was an epic hero because

of his virtues. Three of his

virtues are true to his word, he made his father

proud, and he was brave.

Beowulf was true to his word by saying "I alone and

the help of my men, may

purge all evil from this hall." (260-261) Then later

on in the poem he "The infamous

killer fought for his freedom, wanting no flesh but

retreat, desiring nothing but escape;

his claws had been caught, he was trapped." (337-340)

In those lines it is saying that

Beowulf will go fight the evil, Grendel or "infamous

killer," and then did and killed him,

and had Grendel begging for mercy.

Beowulf was also brave. He was brave by saying "I

alone and the help of my

men, may purge all evil from this hall." (260-261) He

also was brave in a lot of other

ways, for example "When my danger is near, the warm

words we uttered, and if your

enemy should end my life then be," (451-453) that was

when he had to fight Grendel's

mother. When he fought her he was also brave by going

to fight her by himself, only

with swords and armor, "She carried him, armor and

sword and all." (479-480) Another

time when Beowulf was brave was when he was going to

fight a dragon, Beowulf says, "I

feel no shame, with shield and sword and armor,

against this monster: when he comes to

me I mean to stand, not run from his shooting flames,

stand till fate decides which one of

us wins." (635-639)

The third virtue Beowulf expressed was that he will

make his father proud. He

made his father proud by following in his fathers

footsteps. His father was very well

known, Beowulf says, "My father was a famous soldier,

known far and wide as a leader

of men. His name was Edegtho. His life lasted many

winters; wise men all over the

earth surely remember him still." (174-179) He is

following in his fathers footsteps by

becoming a very good leader, by those virtues

mentioned earlier, a good soldier, and a

good fighter.

Beowulf expresses many virtues. He expresses them in

the forms of bravery, true

to his word, and he will make his father proud. Thus

in the epic poem "Beowulf"

Beowulf is the epic hero. 

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