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Essay/Term paper: Cyrano de bergerac

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Cliff Notes

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generation has its own heroes that display, what they believe

to be, ideal characteristics. While each is different in their

own way, many of these role models share similar qualities.

Most tend to have courage, strength, compassion, or

another respected trait, but this is not necessarily why they

win the adoration of their followers. Cyrano De Bergerac is

a perfect example of how many protagonists win our

allegiance because his sensibilities will not be denied,

because he lives life to the hilt, and because he is a victim of

his surroundings. If there was ever a figure who would not

be denied his sensibilities, it is Cyrano. When lovers admit,

"I'd die for you," it is usually only a figure of speech. Cyrano

actually crossed over enemy lines every day simply to mail

love letters. He also confessed to her, "My mother made it

clear that she didn't find me pleasant to look at. I had no

sister. Later, I dreaded the thought of seeing mockery in the

eyes of a mistress. Thanks to you I've at least had a

woman's friendship, a gracious presence to soften the harsh

loneliness of my life. " When Cyrano admits, "My heart

always timidly hides its self behind my mind," the reader can

instantly relate to this dilemma but it is the fact that Cyrano is

able to overcome it that makes him a hero. Not only is

Cyrano filled with emotion, but he also goes out of his way

to live life to the fullest. Cyrano's introduction to the reader

definitely leaves a lasting impression. Not only does he

banish an actor from the theater for performing poorly, but

he proceeds to recite poetry while dueling with another

member of the audience. Every moment of Cyrano's life is

filled with action like this. When he was informed that one

hundred men were going to kill his friend, Ligniére, he was

thrilled with the idea of fighting all these men at once, and, of

course, he succeeded. How could anyone not love this man

who takes Carpe Diem to its most extreme form? Also,

Cyrano is a victim of his surroundings. This may be the one

characteristic that completely wins over the reader. Cyrano's

most obvious flaw is his grotesque nose, but this would not

be so awful if the people around him didn't care. Knowing

that he is the victim of a problem beyond his control, the

reader can do nothing but sympathize with him. The epitome

of this is his death. His only wish in life was to dye noble . . .

by the sword, but he again he is hurt by an outside force that

he had no influence over. When he says, "Fate is a great

jester! I've been struck down, but from behind, in an

ambush, by a lackey wielding a log! I've been consistent to

the end, I've failed in everything, even in my death," the

reader is completely won over. Perhaps the most impressive

thing about those we follow is that they're human. Again,

Cyrano De Bergerac is the perfect example of how a hero

wins the adoration of his followers. By showing his intense

feelings, living life to the fullest, and still remaining human, he

is able to win the heart of almost any reader. Heroes have

changed a lot over the years. When one looks at napoleon

they are hardly reminded of John Lennon. While different

generations find different qualities to be noble, there are

some heroes, like Cyrano, who will be loved for all time.  

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