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Essay/Term paper: Earth 2 puzzle

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Cliff Notes

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A. The main idea of this story is for the

colonists that landed on the new earth to get out of the

terrian's (an alien life that lives on the planet) underground

city, that was thought to be built a long time ago. 1. One

event that is really important to the plot of the story was, the

colonists were wondering in the dessert for days. They were

running out of water, their best bet was to follow their

tracers to the nearest body of water. An underground city

was the closest thing to having water. Another important

event that led up to the plot of the story was, It was

migration time for the buffalo like creatures on the planet. As

the colonists were making there way through the desert, the

creatures broke one of there primary water tanks which is

what made them head toward the sacred city. 2. The

problem that the main character must sole by the end of the

story is, Devon Adair must find a way out of the terrian

tunnels. The colonists and her were trapped in them by a

puzzle that was misinterpreted by Devon. 3. The climax of

the story is when one of the colonists got part of the tunnel

buried on him and everyone had to dig to get him out. This is

the high point in the story because earlier in the story he had

a dream that that would happen to him. 4. The story ends

when the colonists get out of the tunnel alive. They pop up in

a part of the sacred city they have never seen before, but

manage to unlock the puzzle of trying to get out of that part

of the city. They meet up with the colonists that were not

trapped inside the tunnel. a. I think the ending was

respectable. It had its good and bad points. One good point

is no one died. One bad point is they just leave you hanging

to wait till the next book comes out. b. At the end of the

book I felt happy because their mission did not end and

there is a possibility for a new book to come. c. The ending

was very logical in terms of events because it took the group

to figure out all different kinds of puzzles and traps. At the

end of the book they had to figure out another puzzle to get

out of the underground city. Theme “ A. I believe the direct

them of the story were, If you put your mind to it you can

conquer any problem or situation. Not just when you are in

situation where it is a life or death situation, but when it is

just a problem you can solve it yourself. 1. The author

comment on life was pretty good. He described the wildlife

on other planets the way he wanted and also had a very god

point to what kind of disease are going to come out in the

21st century. B. The least implied theme about the

characters was the way they looked. The author expected

you to know what the characters looked like and expected

you to know what the show was about because he thought

that the only people reading the book watched the show

when it was on TV. Conflict “ A. The conflict was a clash of

actions. These ideas were always to solve mysteries about

the unknown and questions about what is yet to be

discovered. Questions like "what is it" and "Where did it

come from" popped up often. B. The conflict took place

between the character as well as with in the character. The

conflict took place between the character because the

character had to do physical things to get out of the

problem. The conflict took place within the character

because the character had to think things out to find the

answers to the problems. Characters “ Devon Adair- The

leader for the colonists to be safe, and get there way to what

is called New Pacifica on the New World John Danzegar-

Colonist that crash-landed with the rest of the crew, Fixes all

things that need maintenance. True Danzegar- John

danzegar"s daughter, smart and helps her father out with the

maintenance Alanzo- Captain of the ship before it

crash-landed on the planet. Julie- Doctor of the colonists,

helps out with medical needs.  

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