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Essay/Term paper: Book report on "the lost world"

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Book Report on "The Lost World"

The main character in the book is Ian Malcolm, a middle aged
mathematician and a little bit of an explorer. The man who set up
the exploration, Richard Levine, is a rich and reckless yet well known
adventurer who spends a lot of his time and money exploring different places
around the world and helps at a middle school to give students of ideas of
careers in science. Sarah Harding is a zoologist who was hired to possibly deal
with some of the animals. Jack Thorne is the man who made all of the special
equipment the group is taking with them and he went along to help and show
everyone how to and operate most of the vehicles.

My book is about how Richard Levine tries to and does find the InGen
corporation's second dinosaur island which he had been searching for and trying
to locate for years. The second island is only a few hundred miles away from
the original , and they both were abandoned when a freak and tragic incident
left nearly everyone on both islands dead. Not many people who knew about the
second island survived so it took him a long time to find one of the old
employees of InGen and get him to tell him about and the location of the island.
With his information Levine made a team of five people to take to the island
himself, Ian Malcolm Sarah Harding, Jack Thorne, and Eddie Carr, the top
employee of Thorne. They were going to leave in two weeks when Thorne finds out
that Levine has left for the island early wanting to be the first one to "
officially" find it. He and the small crew of people he took with him were
attacked and all but Levine were killed. He would be found later. The team
left for the island soon after to try and find him. Unknown to anyone, two of
Levine's students at the middle school where he helps, sneaked into the cargo of
the plane and went to the island with them. His two star pupils, Kelly and
Arby really wanted to go when he told them that he was going on an exploration
in the Caribbean to an unknown island.
Almost as soon as they got to the island Kelly and Arby were found and
everyone realized that they shouldn't but were going to have to stay the whole
expedition. At the time they didn't mind. They later set up base and took the
Explorer they brought to look around. They followed an old jeep trail past a
Tyrannosaurus Rex nest and saw it's two owners which they very carefully avoided.
After they left the nest they found Levine who had been living in trees trying
to avoid the wild beasts who wanted to devour him. Afterwards they returned to
the trailer to treat his injuries and later that evening returned to the T-Rex
nest to examine it. The parents were gone and the babies and eggs were there
alone. Levine went to the nest and looked at the toddlers. They had little
bodies with oversized heads but weren't very shy. One got too close to Levine
and he accidentally stepped on it's foot. It landed whimpering in pain loudly
and he then heard the loud mom and dad coming. He grabbed the child, held it's
mouth shut, got in the car, and headed for the trailer quickly. Malcolm
sedated the baby and with the help of Sarah made a special cast for it's leg out
of some of the medical supplies but after the baby awoke it wasn't happy. It
screeched loudly for a short while and the parents promptly arrived. They
almost destroyed the trailer but got their child back.
The group later found an abandoned building left from when the dinosaurs
were actually controlled and were forced to stay there. In it was a computer.
Arby the whiz on this found the old system running program. Now he had access
to the few working cameras left on the island and also to some detailed maps.
They had two dangerous nights there following this but on the fourth night
they found a way out of this death trap. After hours of studying the maps, and
thinking they found it. A small building about the size of a two car garage was
sitting by the river leading to the ocean. They determined that it was a boat
house. Before they got a chance to celebrate and try to make their way towards
it one of the already familiar group of raptors showed up. They were poking
around their truck until they tried to enter the building when they saw Thorne.
He was trying to lock the door without being detected but he wasn't Ian and
Sarah helped hold it. Arby and Sarah were looking for some sort of hidden or
previously undetected way out. They found it. It was a trap door under the
computer desk which led to a maintenance tunnel. It was cramped but they were
out. They waited until the raptors left until they took the now beat up, and
low on gas explorer to the boat house. Inside the rusty old shack was their
savior. It was an old but functional boat which they could take to the closest
island of Puerto Cortes`. Practically the only good to come of this was that
Levine got what he wanted. Arby and him set up a connection from the computer
in the building, which had access to all the files and cameras on the island, to
Levine's laptop. He could watch and record all the footage he wanted until all
the cameras went out.

What did you learn from it, did it inspire you, or what impression did it make
on you?

I learned a lot of new things about dinosaurs like some of the
predictions about they're behaviors, and the way they lived.


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