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Essay/Term paper: Always and forever

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Definition Essays

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When nothing makes sense and every thought is blurred,
Love finds it's way and somehow I understand.
I know why it is and what must be,
No matter what arises or what happens,
Love will always find its way,
And lead us to our place,
Our fairytale.

When you look into my eyes you view my soul,
And see the love I have to give.
It is everything I am and because of it,
I will always love you,
For you have given it to me.
In a world full of despair,
You've given me hope,
A dream, a desire for something more,
Something better,
For this you will always be special.

I love you more than anyone will ever know,
If there was a word to describe my love,
Surely it would only be spoken by God,
For no other person could love you more than me.
In my heart I carry you and the essence of love,
In its pure and simple form.
All I have to offer you is me and my love,
Though both are simple I promise they are true.

Even as I write this,
I think of how to describe to you.
Something I hardly understand,
But I must tell you how I feel.
So I close my eyes,
And let my heart guide my hand.
Perhaps the tears that falls from my eyes,
Will show you my love and how much it means to me.
To me our love is everything.

I believe love will find it's way and show us the answers
To the questions being revealed,
I promise you that I will always love you
And I never meant to hurt you.
I know you love me,
I can see it in your eyes and feel it in your touch,
I promise I will never forget it.

For out of everything in my life I have earned and acquired,
Your love is my most valuable possession.
And the memories I have with it,
Will always be my fondest.

Life is truly a mystery,
A puzzle waiting to be solved.
Although one might be able to solve it alone
The answer will be found easier with another.
I want to discover life with you ,
And experience all of life's mysteries.
Together in your embrace,
I love you...always and forever.....



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