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Essay/Term paper: Appearence vs reality of modern music affect on teenagers

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Definition Essays

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Appearance vs. Reality of modern Music affect on Teenagers

In today's society the teenager has had more rights than ever before, along with these rights comes responsibility, independence and good judgment. All of those mentioned have been destroyed in many teenagers lives by these "Rock Stars". The modern teenager is exposed to many different things that may affect their lives as they choose to live it, non quite as strong of a force than the effect of music, it is the teens outlet to expression, rebellion and popularity all of which are very important to the average teenager, but often in cases the teen who is trying to conform becomes subject to the "Rock Star's" manipulation, and that is when obsession kicks in. Then not only is the teenager subject to power corruption but so is the "rock star". This is the important thing to remember when dealing with the subject at hand.
There are many reasons why teenagers cling to "rock stars", but there are always more popular reasons than others. One main reason that this occurs is because of the accessibility of what these "rock stars" are publishing. Think of all the things that teenagers have in front of them day-in, day-out; radio, television, clothes of peers etc. All of which are covered with popular musicians. So if they are so accessible then most people are aware of this so they start to pay attention to it, they see these extravagant people with no boundaries, limits or regulations. Most of modern "rock stars" have a catch something that stands out from the rest which leads to peoples attention. Also most "rock stars" these days have a relationship with the teens, the teens see themselves (or what they want to call themselves) in the "rock stars" presentation of their selves, but they take it to extremes so the teens say "hey they are like me but better" so it becomes an obsession to conform. These are some reasons why teens are obsessed by "rock stars".
Out of all the different age groups on this planet why do teens seem to be the only ones

Page -2-
who do this? Well teenagers have a great amount of time to read so much into things. Its the first age in most peoples lives where real independence is given, so they are desperate for something new to be controlled by. The one main reason why teens are the only age group subject to the manipulation of "rock stars" is because most of these "rock stars" are still in a teenage state of mind, so the real teenagers are already adapted to the environment that the "rockstars" make for themselves.
Some bands are well known just for how they acquire the liking of teenagers, they have absolutely no respect from any other age group but they have millions of following teenagers. The biggest one I can think of (in modern music) would be Nirvana. Their lead singer Kurt Cobain was the creator of this whole "grunge" thing that took the world by storm a couple of years ago(baggy ripped jeans, plaid, easy repetitious music). Kurt Cobain was basically to be a savour to all teens, he related every thing he wrote to when he was a teenager and put words to peoples experiences and looked like a rebellious teen himself. When he died the whole world was in mourning all of teens never even have met him were taking the death way to far. There were three suicides that week in the USA, with notes reading they could not live with out Kurt Cobain. He is just one of the many who are brain washing teens world wide every day.
Another really big band who is known for manipulating teenagers minds is Marilyn Manson. Over the last couple years they have started a new world order for teens. Their main ideas stressed being kill everything around you especially religion, rules and basically the way the majority of society has been raised to live their lives. They are the ultimate rebellion, every thing that we have been taught to hate that is what they are. Their lead singer "The Reverend Mr. Manson" was quoted in saying "I do not believe in Satan, I just think it is the ultimate form of
Page -3- rebellion so I use it to get through to people who don't understand my message at first". He is known as the "All American Antichrist". Him and the rest of his band have not only started a new world order they have started a rebellion of every one person who takes the music seriously.
Power Corrupts is evident in not only the teens perspective, but the "rock stars" too. The "rock star" first begins a path to fame by having a trail of followers, then more begin to appear and more than more. So the "rock star" begins to acquire an ego and begins an unconscious battle between every other popular music figure, "If I have this many followers I can make up anything and they will believe it, by doing that I will steal fans from that other band" and after that point begins a vicious circle of up-staging between probably the most powerful people in the lives of all teenagers, which can be extremely disastrous. By that time the power has already corrupted the teenagers mind because they will say things like "they are powerful I will believe what they say". This is how Power Corruption is involved in the subject at hand.
The Appearance Vs. Reality factor is enormous in the manipulation of teenagers minds from music. These teenagers have never met spoken to or ever made facial expressions with these "rock stars" so why do they believe, read in to and base their lives around what the "rock stars" are saying, this is very relevant to the Appearance Vs. Reality subject. Also when a teenager sees the "rock star" on television do they not ever consider the fact that the "rock star" has a promoter writing the words he/she says for him/her I know that might not be the same in all cases but is a possibility. And in most "rock stars" cases the point they are stressing is only to be used as an eye opener not a way of life. This how things are not as they seem.
In this study I have learned that most "rock stars" are in fact looking for popularity with in teens, but once they have, they are not as intrigued by it. I have also learned that not all teens are Page -4-
like the ones I have spoken about in this essay, but I am speaking of the majority in what I have seen around me for how ever long I have been considered a teenager myself. This has nothing to do with my views on the subject. As it has been stated before teens are susceptible to the manipulation of modern popular musicians, but I find if you keep an open mind and do not take things to literally the problem can easily avoided.


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