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Essay/Term paper: Around the world

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Definition Essays

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Around The World
As I approached the party I could hear the blasting music all the way from the
street. When I reached the back of the house to enter I could distinguish the song that
was playing; it was "It"s good to be King" by Tom Petty. After waiting in a line to
enter I was finally in the loud, crowded house. Upon my arrival the host of the party
informed me that there were no cups left, and that I would have to look for one. So I
handed him my money as I was shoved into the next room by other arriving guest,
eager to enter. Every person there was present for their own personal reasons.
Whether these reason be social or simply for entertainment no one could tell. The only
thing we all had in common was our goal to consume alcohol.
As soon as I walked in the room I immediately could see and smell the smoke
that was lingering in the air around the house. I was handed a cup by a friend.
Looking into it to see if it had been used, we both shrugged and turned towards the
basement. As I pushed my way through the crowd to look for the keg I immediately
knew it was in the corner because of the crowd surrounding it. Once I reached the
keg, I found myself waiting once again for my beer. The person who was filling up the
cups was not filling them first come first serve. He would fill the cups of his friends
first, then the girls, and then if he had to fill up his own cup he would. While doing this
he was talking his friend whose job it was to pump the keg when needed. People
were sticking their cups in front of the tap as if they were fighting for food, and they
hadn"t eaten for days. There must of have been twenty people all forcing their cups in
the general area of the tap. Once I had my beverage, I decided to go visit the rooms to
see what kind of alcohol was being served. This party was an "around the world
party" which meant that every room had a different theme and appropriate drinks to
the theme could be found there. My first stop was Jamaica. When I entered the room
the first thing I saw was this guy dressed up like a native Jamaican, appropriate to the
theme of the room. He had on a bright tie-dyed shirt with a dread locked wig. On his
head was a woven beret with green, yellow, and red stripes around it. Bob Marley was
playing to portray the Jamaica spirit. As I waited in another line I noticed the girls in
front of me were celebrating a birthday. After their shots were poured, they toasted
their friend and drank their shots. Once they were done with their shots it was obvious
that none of them enjoyed it because of their facial expressions. Their expressions were
ones similar to a young child who had just drank medicine forced down his throat by
his mother. After I had my shot I thought I would go and visit the other places that
this party had to offer.
After leaving the room I walked down the hallway and saw this sign that said
"The Wild West." The bartender was wearing a ten gallon hat, blue denim button
down shirt, and a red bandanna wrapped around his neck. The drink he had to offer
was Wild Turkey mixed with orange juice. I decided to try the wild turkey, and after I
drank it, I found that it tasted like a Tootsie Roll. After sampling my drink I went up
stairs. On my way up the stairs I had to walk side ways making sure not to bump into
the traffic that was going down the stairs. I made a right turn to Russia. The
bartender was not in costume nor was there any music playing. The drink that was
being served was vodka with a lemon slice dipped in sugar. The only indication that I
had that I was in Russia was a sign above the door that spelled Russia in yellow letters.
I was not impressed by this setup so I decided to go visit other places of the world. I
proceeded to walk down the hall and I ended up in Compton. This bartender was
dressed up like a gangster. He was wearing a blue and white flannel shirt that only had
the top button buttoned, a black bandanna with a backwards black hat over top of it,
and a pair of oversized jeans. The beverage that was served here was gin and juice,
and the song that was playing was "Sipping on Gin and Juice".
I then made a right turn walked up another flight of stairs and found myself in
New Orleans. There were Mardi Gras beads hanging on the walls, others were worn
by the guests. The drink that was served was some peculiar red drink. I decide to try
one out. The bartender that was not dressed up for his surroundings dispensed my
drink from a spring water dispenser and handed me my shot. After consuming my
drink I was a little skeptical about how much alcohol was actually in it, because it
tasted like fruit punch that had not been spiked.
After visiting the different rooms I went downstairs in the kitchen to rest and
socialize. Some time has passed by and people were now beginning to become more
sociable. As I sat on the counter top I noticed that there was a bathroom and there
was a line of girls anxiously waiting to get in. While they were waiting one of them
was talking about how she dislikes men, and how men acted toward women.
Everyone was talking to each other openly, and it was obvious that people were
becoming intoxicated. Shortly after I observed this I noticed a guy who seemed to be
angry. He looked like he wanted to kill someone. He picked up a bottle and smashed
it against the wall with fury. Shortly after that, the bartender that was in Compton
approached him and told him to calm down or he would be escorted out. When I was
leaving the party it was virtually empty. There were only about thirty people left in
the house. These people were really drunk, and in need to go home and sober up.
One particular girl tried striking up a conversation. However, she was unable to fully
complete her sentences. The amusing thing is that she needed the help of her friends to
stand up straight. She had no idea what she was talking about. It was like talking to a
toddler who had just learned how to speak. The only thing comprehendable was that
she wanted to drink more, and keep on partying.
Everyone who was at the party was there to drink. For some reason college
students tend to drink a lot. Some might want to escape reality, others might just like
to get drunk. Everyone"s goal was to escape from reality for a short time; whether or
not it was accomplished was up to the individual.

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