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Essay/Term paper: Should homosexual ideas be taught in school ?

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Education

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Should Homosexual Ideas Be Taught In School ?

Nowadays, homosexuality is becoming more and more popular in the society.
According to some experts, homosexuals are born homosexuals, and they do not
have the choice. Because of this, these people should not be discriminated
since it is not their will to be homosexual. However, not many people
understand this idea, and they should be educated so that they have some
knowledges about this subject. Thus, a course is needed to be set up in the
school to educate students. There are three main purposes of the course which
show the importance of teaching students homosexual ideas.

The first and primary purpose of the course is to educate those people
who have no knowledge about homosexuality. Homosexuality is a very hot topic in
the modern world, and people should not be unaware of it. They should not be
ignorant to something that happen in their surroundings. Regardless of the
subject, people should always learn more new things, as this is one of our goals
of living. To learn about homosexuality, for example, is just as important as
to learn history. It just enriches one's knowledge, and the one who benefits is
himself. For this reason, setting up a homosexual course is surely advantageous.

Beside the contribution of knowledges, a homosexual course can also
prevent people from misunderstanding homosexuality. There are many people in
the society who do not really comprehend the nature of homosexuality; therefore,
they make fun and discriminate the homosexualists. This is an unhealthy
condition. The solution of this is to set up a homosexual course in the school
so that people can learn to make allowances for the problems of the
homosexualists. This is very important because in the modern society, equality
is a major premise. Racism, sexism, and the discrimination of people should be
totally abolished. Also, human rights are meant to be preserved; therefore,
nobody in the world should be presecuted, including the homosexualists.
Apparently, establishing a homosexual course is a useful way to spread this
information out.

The other purpose of the course is to give an opportunity for the people
to exchange ideas. Through a homosexual course, people can both give and
receive opinions among each other. They can discuss the positive and negative
side of homosexuality, and from that they can comprehend the topic more
thoroughly. As people are having better communication, the barrier among them
will disappear. Nobody will ever discriminate the homosexualists again, and the
distance between a normal person and a homosexualist will be shortened until
there is no distinction between them. What then follows is a flawless world
where discrimination is absolutely exterminated.

The establishment of a homosexual course is proved by the three reasons
to be benefitial. It helps student to understand the basic concepts of
homosexuality. Also, it prevents the discrimination of homosexualist, and it
provides a good medium for people to exchange ideas. Therefore, it is necessary
to set up a homosexual course in school.


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