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Essay/Term paper: The education system

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Education

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The Education System

The education system in my country is different from U.S education; mostly
it is similar to France education system. The education system in my country
is very restricted and it is not easy to graduate from high school. I have been
attending US colleges for almost four years now. I finished high school in my
country and never get a chance to attend college in there. In this essay I
would like to compare and contrast the differences between my high school
education system and US education system. Even though, I never attend high
school in US but I have some friends who told me about high school system. One
of the differences is that in my country all high school students had to ware
school uniform, but in here the high school student they can wear what ever they
want. Second, there was no choice for us to take those classes that we want we
had to take what was offered, in contrast in US high schools students can take a
lest those classes that they like. Third, the exams in my country was pretty
the same as US system.
First of all, in my county all high students we had to wear uniform.
We had to wear black skirts, white tops, black shoes and black tights. The good
thing about uniform was that it wasn't expensive for parents to get uniform for
their children each year, second, it was good for students to concentrate only
on there classes and third it was very organized. For instance, in my family
three person went to high school and parents bought us uniforms only once a year
which was not very expensive, second every day when we waked up we didn't had to
worry about what to wear and worrying that we don't have enough clothes.
Therefor, wearing uniform was very good so most of our concentration was on our
classes not on clothing. Finally, wearing uniform was very organize when we
passed the rode everyone know that we were high school students. In contrast,
in America high school students can wear any thing they want and there is no
restriction. In my opinion, it is very expensive for parents to prepare
different clothes for their children everyday. May be it is no problem for
some parents, but in most of the cases like single working parent that has to
work full time and have other expenses it is not easy to buy clothes for their
children every day. For example, one of my friend's daughter goes to high
school and her mother works full time she is not making enough money to buy new
clothes for her daughter every day. Therefor, the good thing about uniform is
that it is not expensive for parents to get uniform for their children and
beside that it is more organize too for the students.
Secondly, in my education system we didn't had a chance to take those
classes that we liked. For example there was 14 subjects such as History,
Geography, Biology, Physic, Chemistry, Political science, Cooking, English and
etc. We had to take all of these classes every year and it was not easy to
pass all these classes. Sometime I didn't want to study all these math classes
since I had no choice I had to pass that class there for had kill myself and
learn them. In contrast, in US education system it is pretty much up to
individual to pick their interested classes and learn those classes. Therefor,
I really like this system because every one can concentrate on their interested
subject and they learn that subject really good.
Third, the exams between my education system and US system were not very
different. Except, we had only two exams during a semester or every six-month.
But in hear teachers always get quizzes that counts for the final grading which
is really good, but in my country we only had two exams that were comprehensive
and the added all these points together to get the final grad. The US grading
system is much better than our system because they give you more chances to pass
a class by giving you quizzes and midterms. At the end the teachers add all
these points up and a student can finish a class with a good grad. Beside that
by giving these midterms and quizzes it divide the book in to sections which is
very helpful for the student to remember the materials otherwise it is hard to
remember the whole book for final.
Finally, there are many differences between education system in the
world and there are many similarities between them too. My country education
system is very different than American education. The uniform, the classes and
the grading system I hope one day each system could look at the each others
system and find out what is good and what is better for students and change
their old system to a better and new system.


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