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Essay/Term paper: My college plan

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Education

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My College Plan
Business Computer Applications
7th Period
Sunday, March 30, 1997

Created By:

My College Plan

At first I never had wanted to go to college because I didn"t like school, but now
as I get older I realize that I will need a college education to make it in life. So when the
question came up what college would I like to go to? I knew right away that I wanted to
go to the University of Kentucky. It is the only college that I would ever considering
going to, I love this college with a deep passion. They have my favorite basketball team
and the also represent Kentucky (The state in which I was born.).

From its modest beginnings in 1865, when it was known as a State College, the
University of Kentucky has grown into one of the nation"s most outstanding institutions of
higher learning. As a comprehensive land-grant university, UK offers an educational
experience that cannot be matched anywhere in the Commonwealth. The Lexington
campus consist of 764 acres and 24,200 students. It also employs 1,796 full-time faculty
members. UK ranks among the top 100 research institutions in the nation.
When I was asked the question what I wanted to be when I grow up I really didn"t
know, until my Sophomore year of high school. It wasn"t till then when I decided that I
wanted to be a journalist. I guess I just hadn"t had my call until then. This was the year
that probably changed my whole life. It was the year that I took my first year of
newspaper class. I really chose the class not knowing what I was about to encounter.
But, after I got to know everyone and how the class worked I knew that I found my
calling. I really enjoyed the class that year because I really liked the teacher and the
student editor. They made learning how the newspaper class worked and how to work
together as a team fun. I am now in my second year of the Pacer Post and looking
forward to another year ahead of me.
Hopefully when I graduate I will have 3 years of high school newspaper class
plus, I would like to have some on the job training. I already have a lot of experience with
all kinds of computer programs such as: Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word, Adobe
Pagemaker 6.0, Corel 6.0, Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Windows 95. I
think that the combination of all these things plus a college degree will make for a good
career in journalism.
When I attend the University of Kentucky I will not have to work through college
because my father said that if I decide to go to college he will pay for it. I also plan to
study some other courses in college that will also make a good career. That is so if my
journalism career falls through I will have something else to fall back on. I will live on
campus in a dorm and will probably do a little of the partying that goes on at colleges all
over the world. But, I think that I am responsible enough to know when it is time for me
to get serious about my education.
I really cannot wait to go to college. But, also I would like to enjoy my Senior
year of high school while doing so.

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