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Essay/Term paper: Three good things about mths

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Education

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I feel MTHS is, "a good place to get an excellent education!" There is a good
staff. The facilities are well kept. There is also a wide variety of classes.
One reason is that MTHS has a good staff. The teachers are very knowledgeable.
They do their job to the best of their ability. Many teachers put in extra hours after
school. The teachers are also very friendly and have a positive attitude. They are ready
and willing to help as much as they can. For example, I can always count on Mr. Finch,
my math teacher, to be there in the morning when I need extra help.
In addition, The facilities are very good. Even though conditions are crowded, the
buildings are well maintained. The buildings are always clean. The halls are constantly
swept. The grounds are also well-kept. The snow and leaves are always cleared out of
the way as soon as possible. The maintenance crew does a good job.
At the same time, MTHS also has a good choice of classes. Classes range from
English to computer science to communication journalism. There is a wide variety of fine
arts classes available. For every subject, there are at least two levels to meet the needs of
all students. MTHS also has a good vocational technology program to offer students
hands on job experience.
To sum up, MTHS is definitely, "a good place to get an excellent education."
The school is well staffed. The facilities are kept in good condition. The class choices are
excellent. I am glad that I attend MTHS. I feel that it will help me in college and in any
future endeavors.

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