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Essay/Term paper: Creaitve story: desert island

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Literature Essays

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Creaitve Story: Desert Island

The bright sun pierced through my silted eyelids as I made a feeble attempt to
block the burning beams of light with my shaking hand. Unsuccessful, I closed
my eyes tightly, shutting out the ball of fire hanging overhead. As my senses
returned in a painful blow, I raised myself up slowly, spitting out a mouthful
of sand. With a quick glance, I uncovered an interesting fact. All my clothes
were gone. Then it came flooding back. Back on the SS. TUNA, I had heard a low
rumbling, and then the deck cracked under the force of what must have been a
massive explosion. The last thing I could remember was the loud cracking of the
ship's hull, and the I blacked out. The blast must have burned my clothes clean
off, and threw me on to this desert island. How odd that my clothes were
burned off, and I was left without a scratch. Shrugging off the many questions
that my mind bombarded me with, I decided to take a tour of the island, and
search for a possible means of escape. "OH SHI-!" I stopped myself short of a
curse, and looked down at my aching toe. I painfully leaned over and examined
the ground around my feet, discovering a 1922 Sears catalogue. Exhausted and
hungry, I reached for a coconut from the only tree. I leaned against the palm
tree eating the coconut and leafing through the ancient catalogue. Thinking
aloud, I muttered, "Gee, I wish I had some clothes". POOF! Magically, I was in
the latest fashions of 1922. Hmmm.......could it be? I flipped through the
catalogue until I found what I was looking for. POOF! "Wow, I always wanted a
bread box". Curious as to what else I could find, I thoroughly searched the
catalogue, finding that the sports equipment and hardware sections were torn out,
along with a coupon for next years catalogue. I decided that I could use the
magic catalogue to get off the island........but how? BINGO! I wished for 20
tables, a kite with a VERY long string, a mattress, a belt, a bathtub and a
towel. First, I clogged the bathtub drain with a towel, and laid the mattress
on top, and floated it out to the coral. Next, I stacked the tables, so that
they reached 60 ft. high. Standing on top of the stack, I flew the kite out to
the coral, and snagged it tightly. Pulling the string taunt, I tied it around
the table leg, and looped the belt around it, forming a harness. I climbed into
the harness and pushed off. I slid downwards along the string for hours, till I
finally neared the 10 ft. high coral. At the last second, I slid out of the
harness and landed on the mattress I had previously sailed out to sea. I
bounced of the mattress 15 ft. in the air, clearing the coral and appearing in
front of a helicopter which was passing by. It flew over to me, and I grabbed
on to the landing gear in mid-air, and was rescued without even touching the
water or having to deal with the deadly shark that swam in it's dark waters.


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