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Essay/Term paper: "braces suck!"

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"Braces Suck!"

One out of three children or teenagers will have to live, at one point,
as a prisoner of their own dentist. Teenagers are faced with zit and acne wars
during the stages of puberty and braces add additional torture to this already
hellish time to both parent and child. A life with braces is far more
embarrassing, painful, and expensive than living with buck-teeth, gaps, or
overlapping teeth.
Mental scars remain long after cuts and bloody sores in the mouth have
healed. These metal-like plates come with a long list of insults and nicknames.
All through school one can expect to be called brace-face, Jaws and metal mouth
just to name a few. The 'orthodontically' challenged are always the center of
electricity and lip-locking jokes. The dentist's office is also a source of
embarrassment. Most offices are filled with other patients and operating rooms
are easily accessible making it easy for others to watch the pain and
embarrassment the patient has to goes through. If one should forget to brush
their teeth before their visit, they will regrettably become immortal as the
doctor announces the left-over remains of a Turkey and Cheese sandwich stuck
between the molars. Braces become a constant source of embarrassment.
Braces are three to four years of physical torture beginning with the
very first office visit. The applying of the brackets itself is long, tiresome,
and uncomfortable. First, cold, flavored clay is shoved into the inside of the
mouth, forming a mold as it dries. Jagged metal squares (brackets) are glued to
the tooth, forcing hot, burning, glue to drip down the gums. Braces also cause
everyday aches and pains in the mouth. Metal wires, guiding teeth to a new shape,
stab the inside of the mouth causing cuts and sores while tearing the linings of
the mouth each time a person's mouth opens. Rubber bands that are strung across
each of the brackets pull and stretch teeth until gums are painful and sore.
Being born with imperfect teeth can be painful…trust me!
Braces hurt parents' wallets well after the metal and glue is scraped
and chiseled off. Payments while braces are being worn are unbelievable. The
average cost of braces today is around 10 thousand dollars. Patients must also
pay for damages that their braces face. There are also other expenses after the
metal has been removed. Dreadful retainers often have to be bought and worn at
night. More expenses include such things as teeth cleaning and bleaching and are
necessary to remove stains and hardened glue. These additional expenses added to
the original costs can mean a huge debt to parents.
Braces can be both a parents' and a child/teens' worst nightmare. Thank
God I don't have to go through that again!


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