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Essay/Term paper: Christmas is a good holiday for many reasons

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Christmas Is A Good Holiday For Many Reasons

Christmas is a good holiday for many reasons. There are reasons that
exist that make Christmas a bad holiday, but for the most part it is a wonderful
time of year. Millions of people around the world will agree that Christmas is
one of the most fun and exciting holidays. Christmas is a good holiday because
students get a vacation from school, people get to exchange gifts with friends
and family, and people get to spend time with their families. Those three
reasons, among others, help to make Christmas one of the best holidays.

First of all, Christmas is a good holiday because students get a
vacation from school. While not in school, students have no homework. That
really helps to make the holidays more enjoyable. With no school, students have
no reason to get up early so they can stay out late and sleep late in the
morning. When Christmas comes around, it means that the school year is half over.
If a student has done well the first semester, he or she is sure to survive the
second semester.

Next, people get to exchange gifts with friends and family. Exchanging
gifts is always fun because people receive new things. Who couldn't enjoy
something that was given to them free. Also, people get to give gifts to their
friends and family. Giving gifts always gives people that warm happy feeling
inside. The most enjoyable part is seeing the gifts that people gave being
opened by the people receiving them. That always puts a smile on peoples faces.

Last but not least, people get to spend time with family. Some of the
family may not have been seen in a long time so it puts everyone in a good mood
to finally see them. Being with family is fun and helps make the holidays more
enjoyable. One thing that many families may find interesting is sharing stories.

Telling stories always helps relieve the stress that the holidays can

As anyone can tell from the preceding reasons, Christmas is a great time
of year. Getting a vacation from school, exchanging gifts with friends and
family, and spending time with family all make the hassle of Christmas
worthwhile. The reasons that make Christmas a bad time of year are just not good
enough to out- weigh the good ones. Christmas is the best holiday!


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