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Essay/Term paper: Personal writing: christmas memories

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Personal Writing: Christmas Memories

Approaching Grandma's, our family anticipates the grand holiday about to
be rekindled once again. With our family and friends about to be reunited with
each other, each family member is trying not to notice how long the last
kilometer is taking. The trees along the road seem to crawl by slower as Dad
pushes his foot harder. Inch by inch, Second by second, we approach the long
awaited destination.

Finally when we arrive at Grandma's house our long journey is over. We
each take a huge breath as we step out onto the crispy snow that snaps beneath
our boots. The air is fresh and creates a shiver down my spine. I make my way
to the frost coated back door, illuminated by the green and red Christmas lights.

As I open the door and step into a house full of cheek pinches and hugs,
an array of Christmas odur engulfs me, and makes my mouth water. As I yell
"HELLO" I hear voices laughing, talking, and asking who's at the door? In the
next second "Millions" of relatives are giving me there greetings and gladly
inviting us into the house. As my family and I are quickly made comfortable, I
look around.....

Plates full of Christmas pastries, Christmas decorations, and Christmas
music lightly penetrates the air as the family socializes with each other. The
constant murmer of the voices, serves as a background for the music. My cousins
are running making their laps around the living room while playing tag and
laughing to their hearts content.

I hear a voice saying "My have you ever grown up!" I turn to my left and
stand up to address my complimenter. Grandma, awaken from her heavenly sleep,
stands slightly crouched with an antique smile painted gracefully across her
face. I reach out and hug her frail body. We both sit down and talk about my
families prolonged journey to her house.

The rest of the night carries on similar to this and to my suprise,
supper is served. Everyone is seated at the large oak table with crazed looks
apon their faces. Eager to devour whatever is set before them, each family
member is tempted by the tantalizing smell of the vast amounts of goods
presented to them. My mind goes blank.... almost like a sudden amnesia, I start
to dig into the delicious plate of delightful treasures, and then find myself in
a daze laying on the couch, in what seems to be about an hour later.

I listen and watch the building excitement found in each of my cousins
faces as they think of ravagly ripping radically at the smooth silky present
paper. Santa is Coming! Santa is Coming!

Just then a load voice yells," Time to open presents, Santa is here!"

A uncontrollable excitement overcomes my cousins as then they fly into
the room that contains that heavenly Christmas Tree. I get up with a sudden
surge of excitement and proceed to the door. An amazing sight grabs my eye's
attention. The tree, decorated in beautiful perfection with candy canes, ribbons,
and ornaments of all shape and color. This sight fascinates myself as well as
everyone that sets their eye's on it. Christmas at my Grandma's, my forever
cherished memory.


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