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Essay/Term paper: Travelers guide to colorado

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Travelers Guide to Colorado

This is a travelers guide to the state of Colorado. Colorado is a unique
and interesting place to visit. If the reader would want to go to Colorado, this
is the report to read. This report has both statistics and fun things to go and

Colorado is state of mountains and hills. Colorado is the highest of the
states elevation at over 14,000 feet high. Many people visit Colorado each year.
Many of the people that visit here are outdoor enthusiasts, skiers, and people
just wanting to go on a get away vacation. This state offers numerous things to
go, see, and do. For the outdoor enthusiasts, Colorado has: many mountains to
hike on, trails to walk on, nature centers to visit, and many other
possibilities to do. The skiers have many mountains on top of other mountains to
choose from to ski on. "Skiing is the major money making factor for Colorado." -
Comptons Interactive Encyclopedia. The people that just want to get away from
the everyday hustle and bustle, find it comforting to retreat to nature for a
quiet and peaceful vacation.

The information is unlimited. It just depends on what you want to find.
"In Colorado, it's biggest city is it's capitol." -World Book Atlas 1993. The
capitol of Colorado is Denver. Some of the attractions Colorado offers is:
skiing, hiking, and exploring. These play a major role in Colorado's economic
progression. The land in Colorado is rocky and steep basically all over. This
does not make it a very good place to farm or raise livestock. (Unless you raise
Mountain goats) Although it is not good agriculturally, Colorado is a beautiful
place to see.

The recreation in Colorado is ideal for the outdoors (wo)man. The major
sports end of the recreation has: football (Denver Broncos),basketball (Denver
Nuggets), and baseball (Colorado Rockies). A popular sport stadium to visit is
Mile High stadium, home of the Denver Broncos. Skiing is also a very popular
activity in Colorado. Many thousand people visit the ski facilities of Colorado
each year. "It is the best ski area in the United States," many skiers say. Two
of the major resorts in Colorado are Aspen and Vail. Aspen is a loose and
carefree kind of resort. While Vail is more of a family resort to go to. "The
latest form of recreation in the in the skiing department is the ski board. The
ski board is just what the name says, it is a pair of skis as well as a
snowboard. There are to units that make up this "marvel of modern technology,"
the skis hook together to form a board. The bindings then slide into a different
position to work both ways. This enables people to hike up trails, and set the
board up, and snowboard down. Many people have been buying these skiboards and
using them to go on mountain treks." - P.E. T.V. Skiing is the main basis of my
report. In the itinerary, the majority of the things done involved skiing of
some sort.

There are many other tourist attractions in Colorado. Like said above,
skiing is a major attraction in Colorado. Some of the other things in Colorado
to do are; The U.S. Mint offers a educational view of the money making process.
Many people visit this site each year. There are millions of coins produced each
year at the mint.

Although Colorado is not a good place to grow crops, it has other
resources it depends on. These such resources contribute to the well being of
the economy. The mountains provide raw material to mine. The forests are
numerous, this is great for the logging company. This is also a major
contributor to the economy .By selling the wood to mills, who then sell to
people who need it, and then it pays back the workers to form a perfect cycle of

Colorado has many rest areas such as hotels. Although, no information
could be found on any specific ones, but they should have: Holiday Inns, Best
Westerns, Comfort Inns, Red Roof Inns, Nights Inn, Ramada Inns, and Holiday Inns.
The prices on these may be a bit more than those in Ohio, because of location.

The eating places are numberless. Colorado has many places to eat like
any other place. "Some of these smoke free restaurants are: (Denver) Café
Paradiso, Kate's, New Orient, Viaggio, Walnut Café, Bluepoint, Cinnobon, Genhas
Khan, Healthy Habits, Kokoro, Mint Café, Mountain Tower Café, Steak Escape, and
Yoshio to name a few, (Aspen) Aspen Grove Café, Bahn Thai, Poppycocks, and The
Silver City Grill, (Vail) Carrot Top, Daily Grind, L'Ostello, Sweet Basil, Terra
Bistro, and The Wild Flower."-Colorado Guide to Smoke-Free Dinning. The prices
of these fine restaurants are a little on the high side, but it is worth it to
spend a little more on a vacation of a life.

Like the other information, travel information was not found. This
report has the best it could find though. "When flying, use only America
Airlines. The fastest way to get where you want to go." -Commercial. The price
like most, will set the cash flow back a couple of hundred dollars.

In closing, if this report was helpful and insightful,(which it was
meant to be), Colorado should be the next place to visit on the places to
vacation list. So happy traveling and remember, use America Airlines, for the
fastest and easiest way to get where you want to go."-Commercial


"Colorado." World Book Atlas. 1994 ed.

"Colorado." Word Book Encyclopedia. Vol. 2 1988 ed.

World Book CD-ROM. Computer software. World Book CD-ROM, CD-ROM

"Lets go 1993 USA." World Book Atlas 1993, Colorado

Comptons Encyclopedia CD-ROM. Computer Software. Interactive CD-ROM, CD-ROM.
1996 ed. Colorado

This is a travelers guide to the state of Colorado. Colorado is a
unique and interesting place to visit. If the reader would want to
go to Colorado, this is the report to read. This report has both
statistics and fun things to go and do.

I. The state of Colorado
A. Colorado
B. High elevation w/mountains
C. Popular among
1. Skiers
2. Tourists
3. Out door enthusiasts

II. Information
A. Denver (capital)
B. Attractions
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
C. Land

III. Recreation
A. Sports
1. Football (Denver Broncos)
2. Baseball (Colorado Rockies)
3. Basketball (Denver Nuggets)
B. Skiing

IV. Tourist attractions
A. Skiing
B. U.S. Mint
C. Sport stadiums

V. Products
A. Farm
B. Mineral
C. Forestry

VI. Rest Areas
A. Hotels
B. Price

VII. Eating
A. Places (restaurants)
B. Price

VIII. Travel
A. Getting there
B. Time
C. Price

If this report was interesting and insightful, (which it was meant to
be) Colorado is the place to visit. In the above you read, Colorado
should be a great place to visit.


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