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Essay/Term paper: The blair witch project

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Movie Reviews

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My overall impression of the movie is that it was a very scary movie that

made my hair stand up and gave me the chills. The major theme or statement

that I learned from the movie was that it's better to stay on the beaten

trail. The performances by the major actors and actresses were great.

Heather Donahue did a great job in getting the group lost in the woods. She

did it with the confidence that she would find her way back. Her naïve

personality was a great build up for the movie. Joshua Leonard played a good

cameraman in the group. He kept the relationships between characters

friendly. Michael Williams expressed his feelings when things weren't going

right. His outbursts made his part likeable. Some noteworthy supporting

players were all the local town folks. They did a good job of telling the

story of the Blair Witch.

On October 21, 1994, three college aged students (Heather Donahue, Joshua

Leonard and Michael Williams) go to the Black Hills Forest of Maryland, to

make a documentary video of the local legend, the Blair Witch. They were

never seen again. One year after their disappearance their video footage is

found. The video footage is about the documentary of the Blair Witch. The

footage contained interviews of the local town folk. They told all of what

they knew of the legend of the Blair Witch. After they had finished the

interviews the three go into the Black Hills Forest to do some exploring.

When the navigator and leader of the group Heather gets the group lost their

relationships starts crumbling and their tempers start to flair. By the

third day of being lost there seems to be no hope of finding their way back.

Starting that night they are aware of another presence in the woods with

them. The forth day goes all right but again at night they are disturbed by

loud noises away from their camp. By this time they are completely lost in

the woods. The next day Michael out of a fit of anger throws the map into a

lake when the other two aren't around. After another couple of days their

fear and short tempers is driving them mad. The noises are getting closer

and closer each night and soon the filmmakers start turning up missing one at

a time.

The director's style was very effective. The low budget film and

inexpensive equipment did not get in the way of the effect of the movie. The

director did a great job in building up the groups problems and fears all the

way to the end. The audience experience for me in the theatre was very

interactive. The audience was very into the movie. People were shouting out

their thoughts and feelings of the movie. It was very enjoyable. The film

was most likely made because the director wanted to make a low budget horror

movie that would scare audiences and give them the chills.  

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