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Essay/Term paper: The soul

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Philosophy

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The Soul

Open Letter of Apology:

I have come to the conclusion that we are all responsible for the
destruction of the human mind. We are all at fault for breeding hate, ignorance,
and worst of all any known and/or association to an --ism. Should we all band as
one and focus on a better future or let the mind fester in its own propaganda
filled atmosphere? Are we really to blame, for not being able to see what truly
is rising in today's society?
The acceptance of brainwashing of America's youth should not go unspoken.
They stand on the corner of every block wishing they were someone else; and due
to this they form their own falsified family of "friends"; to which they all
drink, smoke and/or do other mind altering drugs in which they choose to escape
reality or just plain "relax". This should not be going on; not now, not
tomorrow, not ever.
Hostility grows from within to which an entity of peace can force upon
such utopia, with just that; force. It shouldn't be sugar coated, but just
bluntly said; as with a philosophy or certain thought pattern. The weak will not
grasp onto an idea, but learn slowly as the strong teach them and lead them by
their hands to acceptance within themselves.
Hard times have approached, I know this; but to embrace a crutch that
serves as an excuse should not be tolerated. A crutch such as no respect for
other's bodies or your own to which you engage in promiscuous sex is deemed as
ignorant; plain and simple. Unfortunately if such actions were to partake and an
unwanted pregnancy was to occur "In cases of incest or rape, obviously the
mother should not have to expose herself to further emotional trauma of carrying
the child full term. However, we feel the view and use of abortion as a means of
birth control is wrong"-Earth Crisis
I stand up for what I believe in, try to do my best and stick to my own
corner. I am not a vegan, but I do have respect for every living organism:
animal or plant, and I try to educate as many people as can on many topics as
possible. The underlined theme should only be, do what you feel is fit, and
accomplish what you can, push yourself to what you think your potential is. Just
because you're not a certain categorization doesn't mean that you shouldn't

II. Statement of The Soul:

I've spoken many times before, but it seems that people are refusing to
listen. The message is clear, yet utterly spoken. It should be taught in more
socially deflectable places, but oddly enough no one seems it's appropriate
I'm physically tired of the fight I had to endure throughout the years,
and I still refuse to give in to their faction of a biased thought pattern:
stupidity or pride? I tend to think it might be both, but I urge all the ones
who comprehend to heed the words of which I speak and search for your reliable,
true, and fire of a destiny.
Search throughout the spirit and mind and drag out what drives you to
survive. The same that moves certain unearthed ones to reside on a throne
instead of a jury. The same factor that serves as a model for the weaker ones
and the same which has the merit of a golden soul within divine flesh.
Finally through days and nights, memories of a better time seep into the
present that serves as a crutch to which people strive to get by on. Yet they
are lost when those memories are gone and they have nowhere to turn; but little
do they know that those times aren't gone, they're just suspended in time. It's
up to the person to fetch them out and relive them to their fullest potential,
and what shall our destiny hold; but an empty crystal ball.
The chose shall be just to the cause of which you defend, or better the
fight of which you lead. The path is cleared and hopefully your ears and eyes
are and will be open; from time to end, and your comprehension with your sense
opened and clear.

A man.

Written for my philosophy class, under an pen-name of the non-existent-A man


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