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Essay/Term paper: African american vs. caucasian americans

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Racism and Discrimination

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African American vs. Caucasian Americans

At first glance some people might consider this paper to be on the racial side,
however it was all written by observations made. There are many differences
between African Americans and Caucasians, some people don't see the differences
because of ignorance . You must read the paper with an open mind and take none
of this to heart. African American and Caucasians function differently in public
surroundings. When you see a young African American you usually see them in
groups of four of more. However, when one of them gets into a disagreement five
to ten more show up in their defense. They are a very close knit group of
individuals. I have also noticed that when you see a young African American
walking around they are usually singing, talking very loud or running around.
Also when they are in groups they are very loud and take over the area that they
occupy. On the other hand when you see Caucasians they are rarely in groups of
three or more. To top it off when someone in one of their groups gets in trouble
the rest of the group is nowhere to be found. Most times when you see young
Caucasian people in a group they are for the most part within a normal speaking
level. These two groups tend to act differently in the public due to their
cultural differences. There are a number of differences between the churches of
African Americans and Caucasians. At most typical African American churches
there are no true sermons. The African American churches tend to do more
entertaining rather than teaching. They also do a great deal of singing and
dancing involved in there praising of God. They emphasize fellowship in their
churches especially after church when they all gather and close the celebration
with a meal together. However at a typical Caucasian church there are a few
differences. To start it off when you first walk in you get a program detailing
what will be happening through the service. They tend to structure the whole
service around a sermon or story. The service every week is very predictable as
to what will happen. The Caucasian churches are more there to teach the ways of
the lord as they have interpreted it. Although not all the African American and
Caucasian churches are along this line a majority of the main stream ones are.


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