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Essay/Term paper: Acupuncture

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science Reports

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Acupuncture is a Chinese medical practice that treats illness and
provides local anesthesia by the insertion of needles at predetermined sites of
the body. Acupuncture may also follow many other forms. The word acupuncture
comes from the Latin word acus, meaning needle, and pungere, meaning puncture.
The Chinese call acupuncture Chen Chiu.
On doing my research over acupuncture I used many different sources. I
got most of my information from the Internet. I discovered a large acupuncture
clinic in Houston and contacted them over the phone. I never really realized
that acupuncture was used so much in this country, but there are many places
acupuncture is used in the United States.
Acupuncture is used in the treatment of a wide variety of medical
problems. It is used for ear, nose, and throat disorders, respiratory disorders,
Gastrointestinal disorders, Eye disorders, and Neurological and Muscular
disorders. The needles used in acupuncture are usually only inserted from 1/4
to 1 inch deep into the skin. There is usually no pain in acupuncture. Usually
if any pain it is only mild. Most of the needles now used in acupuncture are
disposable needles. Acupuncture does not always only involve needles. They may
also use other methods such as moxibustion, cupping, electronic stimulation,
magneotherapy and various types of massage. There are also many different
styles of acupuncture practiced all over the world.
There are many things to consider when choosing an acupuncturist.
Acupuncture is a licensed and regulated healthcare profession in about half the
states in the United States. There are many acupuncture practices which are not
certified, so when choosing one some research is required. If you get
acupuncture usually between five to fifteen sessions are required, depending on
the severity of the complaint. Many acute conditions only require a single
treatment. The main thing to remember when receiving acupuncture is to simply
relax. After acupuncture treatments much of the pain may be gone after the
first treatment, or in some cases it takes more. In some cases the pain may
become worse, this is known as the rebound effect.
The clinic I got most of my information from is a clinic in Houston.
They specialize in Acupuncture Therapy for diseases and conditions such as acute
and chronic pain, degenerative diseases, arthritis, M.S., post-stroke, migraine
headaches, lower back pain, facelifts, weight reduction, and smoking control.
The Dr. that performs acupuncture at this clinic is Dr. Duong Hoang (M.D.), C.A.
The fees vary according on types of treatment. And usually a complete physical
examination is required before your first acupuncture session.
Through my research over this topic I learned many things. I never
really realized that acupuncture was such a big business. It is becoming more
and more popular all over the world. In Canada acupuncture is very common, and
seems to be becoming more common in the United States.


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