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Essay/Term paper: Character analysis- jay gatsby

Essay, term paper, research paper:  The Great Gatsby

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The love described in the novel, The Great Gatsby, contains "violence and egoism

not tenderness and affection." The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, writes on wealth, love, and

corruption. Two coupes, Tom and Daisy Buchanan and George and Myrtle Wilson,

match perfectly with these categories. Both couples are different in the way they choose

to live together, but are similar in a few ways.

Unfaithfulness and greed are the only similarities the couples shared. Tom, Daisy,

and Myrtle were all unfaithful to their spouses. Their love for themselves far out-weighed

their love for each other. Tom and Myrtle had a notorious affair throughout the novel

while Daisy becomes very close to her ex-beloved, Jay Gatsby. Even with their new

lovers, none of them displayed true love. Each wanted something from the other. Tom

wanted the "possession" of Myrtle, Myrtle wanted Tom's "luxuries and wealth," and Daisy

wanted Gatsby simply for his wealth. Both Tom and Daisy know of each other's affairs,

but neither one truly cares. As the story progresses, it seems as though each of them is

trying to make the other more jealous.

Honesty and Love, two words know only by the faithful, George Wilson. George

certainly had his flaws, but he loved his wife dearly and couldn't live without her. "He was

his wife's man and not his own." When he became aware of Tom and Myrtle's affair, he

was "really sick, pale as his own pale hair and shaking all over." He locks her up in fear

that she will run away with Tom forever. He stated that, "She's going to move stay there

until the day after tomorrow, and then we're going to move away." George thought that

by moving out West, where Myrtle wanted to go in the beginning, would solve everything.

Before the move could be made, Myrtle was killed; it is here where George's love is

shown most. George becomes extemely upset after Myrtle's death. Wilson was reduced

to a man "deranged by grief." Because of the death of his wife, George decides to murder

who he believes her killer to be and then commits suicide by shooting himself.

Thoughout the novel there are many incidents involving love and greed. This is

somewhat characteristic of the 1920's. During this time, many people partied, drank, and

had a careless attitude. Niether of these couples experienced a pure relationship, only

ones filled with lies and selfishness, not of true, honest love.


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