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Essay/Term paper: Lsd and pcp use

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Alcohol and Drugs

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LSD and PCP Use

Today there is increasing usage of two very powerful, and dangerous
drugs in the youth of this Nation. LSD is one of these drugs, this
hallucinogen more commonly known as Acid and is one of the longest lasting highs
that are out there. LSD was first researched in 1953 when the Central
Intelligence Agency thought that the Soviets and Chinese would use LSD to
brainwash American diplomats. The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration lists
this drug as a "schedule I" drug that means that it has high potential for abuse.
During the "turn-on, tune-in, drop-out" time of the 60's LSD became the thing
for social and political movements to freedom, creativity, self-discovery and
opposition to the Vietnam War. Some freaked out during bad trips as LSD caused
panic and advansded mental illnesses. Most are curried with flashbacks that are
recurrences of hallucinations. Some people thought they could fly, and jumped
to their deaths. The popularity of the rug in the 60's started research and
laws making its use illegal. LSD is the chemical term or lysergic acid diethyl
amide. National Institute on Drug Abuse surveys indicate illicit use of LSD has
remained relatively constant. Almost 2 percent of high school seniors are
current users and 8.7 percent have taken LSD at least once. Its not creating
the problems it created in the 60's because the average street dose is al least
50 percent lower.

Washington, D.C. is known as the PCP capital of the United States
because there are more illicit PCP lads here than anywhere both water and fat
soluble. In other words, any way ap person gets it in his or her body, it will
be absorbed. PCP can be snorted or inhaled, put in a pill form and swallowed,
sprayed on any thing and smoked. In Washington, dealers spray it on marijuana
and sell it to all the street junkies. People high on PCP either end up
overdosed, where they become kind of robotic in their movements and behavior, or
they act really crazy. PCP patients show signs of visual hallucination, they
show psychotic behavior. Many crimes of violence have been done under the have
no an amnesia component. When people smoke PCP, the high comes on in two to
five minutes, peaks at about 20 minutes, and takes 24 to 48 hours to come back
to what they call normal. Most users also smoke a combination of PCP and crack
known as bazooka. There are a lot of mixtures of there drugs in fact not many
people justice one drug. PCP is actually stores in the fatty tissue of the body.
So a person can feel the affects of PCP many days after he or she has stopped
smoking it. There has been some cases they last up to two weeks. Where people
have a predisposition to a so-called nervous breakdown, PCP can actually put
them into the breakdown. In many cases they never come back to normal, so a lot
of times they have to be on antipsychotic medication for the rest of their lives.


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