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Essay/Term paper: The us involvement in vietnam and the philippines

Essay, term paper, research paper:  American History

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The US involvement in Vietnam and The Philippines


Ever since the "New Imperialist" era, the United States of America has become quite a large Neo-Imperialist power, particularly in The Philippines and also Vietnam. In order to understand this report the term Neo-Imperialism must be explained, this is when one country gives aid to another country in which the country that recieves aid becomes independent on the helping country. It is said that there is never any form of Neo-Imperialism that is set out solely for the reason that the other country is in need. There is also many times in which this form of Imperialism results in a worse state for the country in need, as this will be proved later in the report.

Analysis & findings

In around 1898 the Philippines had much to do with America as just years before this the Spanish ruled the Philippines. Soon after America decided to take over the Philippines, this resulted in 20% of the Filipino population dead, but in 1901 the Filipino leader swore allegiance to the United States and the war was over. In 1932 most of the Philippines trade went to America as that is what happens in a Neo-Imperialist world. Many Social and Cultural changes were as a result of America"s involvement such as "education to keep a firm check on the Filipino"s and to advance and improve social and cultural conditions"(world book, The history of the Philippines). As a result of this idea "people learned to read and write and the death rate dropped as people learnt more about hygiene"(World Book, The history of the Philippines). Even though there was some good points there was also many bad sides to the story. There was much unrest in the country as many people disagreed with America"s involvement and seeked independence for themselves, America also brought many wars apon the Philippines and this resulted in many deaths for this country. Complete independence was given to the Philippines but for quite a lengthy period after there was much unrest.

In 1957 there was much unrest aswell in a place called Vietnam in which once again America took part. This war involved a Communist North Vietnam taking over the South Vietnam. America took part in this war on the grounds that it was scared of Communism as they believed "if one South East Asian Nation fell to the Communists, the others would also fall, one after the other, like a row of dominoes"(world book, Vietnam war). So it can be seen the America took place in this was for the reason that they were scared of communism and not just to help South Vietnam. As a result of this war America lost around "58,000 soldiers and around 1 million Vietnamese……South Vietnam also suffered severe damage to its industries, transportation system cropland, forest, wildlife and many of the population became refugees"(world book, Vietnam War). Including all of this America seemed to have lost this war as they had to withdraw troops.


As America had become a Neo-Imperialist power and had forced itself apon The Philippines and Vietnam a bad side seemed to come out of it all every time. As this report is looked at the question would come to mind if maybe other countries alone and let their destiny prevail itself, who knows it could work out for the better. Then again without the help of others things


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