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Essay/Term paper: Veterinary medicine

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Animal Rights

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Veterinary Medicine

For my agriculture report, I chose to do a report on
veterinarians. I chose this career field because I like working with
animals and learning about them. While doing my report I learned more
then I thought there was to learn about animals and becoming a
veterinarian. I learned how long it takes to become a veterinarian,
what my chances are on being accepted by a veterinary college, what
veterinarians do, and much more.

Veterinary Medicine is a branch of medical science that deals
with the prevention, cure, or alleviation of diseases and injuries of
animals. There are about 55,000 veterinarians and of that only 15,000
or so are women. Many veterinarians work for federal, state, or local
governments, inspecting food, supervising laws that protect human and
animal health, or dealing with environmental problems. Many
veterinarians treat all animals, but in recent years and in the
densely populated areas of the country, many have limited their
practice to pets.

Some specialize in the treatment of certian populations such as
horses, cattle, poultry, or zoo animals. A small number of
veterinarians are employed as managers of large feedlots for beef -
cattle, large dairy cattle operations, and many of the increasingly
large poultry farms. A few veterinarians are now becoming involved in
embryo transfer work, in which fertilized eggs are removed from
superior donors and transferred into the uterus of a cow of lesser
genetic qualities.

A minimum of six years of study after high school graduation
is usually required for a student to become a veterinarian. At least
two and sometimes up to four years of college are completed before
the acceptance into veterinary college. The competition is stiff for
such acceptance, with usually five to ten qualified applicants for
each one admitted.

Demand is increasing for food inspection by veterinarians,
particulary in meat, milk, and processed foods and for the regulation
of traffic in all kinds of livestock and the eradication of animal
plagues. In addition, the increasingly close confinement of many farm
animals requires veterinary expertise in vaccination, immunization, and
particular methods of hygien.

The Meat Packing Industry is a large industry involving the
slaughtering, processing, and distribution of cattle, sheep, and hogs.
Meat slaughtering is another job in the veterinarian practice. It
includes slaughtering of hogs, cattle, and sheep.

Animals furnish about 28 percent of the worlds total value of
agricultural products. Most domesticated animals have multiple uses, for
example, animals kept primarily for work also supply milk, meat, and
clothing materials. The animals and thier uses are closely associated
with the culture and the experience of the people who care for them.

After researching and doing this report on veterinarians, I
have decided that this field is not what I am interested in doing.
But I do now have a knew understanding for veterinarians and thier
jobs. When I started this report I thought that there was no way
that veterinarians where anywhere even closely assocated with
agriculture and know I know that there was a lot that I did not
know about agriculture and veterinarians.

Two references that I used are the internet and an
Encyclopedia for the computer, called Microsoft Encarta.


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