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Essay/Term paper: The little prince

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Book Reports

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The Little Prince was a very interesting book to say the least. It

opened my eyes to many things that I had no idea about. It was about a little prince who was against "grown-up" beliefs. He believed that children were the best. He thought this because they are open-minded and have much faith in what they believe. The little prince never experienced death or anything tragic so he was quite clueless when it came to "the real world." He didn't love anything in his life except his rose. She talked to him and was his only friend. She accidentally opened her mouth and out came a lie. The flower was created on the little prince's planet , so she had no idea what her home planet was. She was in a bad mood one time and she said , "It would be better on my planet" , or something of the sort and the little prince caught her. He did not tolerate being lied to , like most people , and so he left her and went away to see what else there was in the universe. He visited many stars and asteroids and on the stars and asteroids he met many people. All of which taught him a lesson or something valuable. The little prince was a very open-minded person. I am enjoying this book a lot. The most important character in the story was the fox. He told the little prince that to tame something or someone , you have to love them and get a routine down.

You cannot just see them for a short time and then just expect them to be tame and love you back. He also told the little prince that once you tame someone or something , it is going to be sad when you have to let them go.

This related to the little prince because of the single rose that he loved so much. He never really understood how much he loved her until he had left her. His rose is symbolic of a love relationship. It was "love at first sight" , just like in West Side Story. The rose is one of a kind or unique. The rose is a snob. She was very coquettish , which means flirtatious. When the little prince broke up with her , he was very sad. He runs away to seek answers about his broken heart.

A very important character in the story is the snake. The little prince meets the snake in chapter 17. The snake is the first character that the little prince meets on earth. The snake tells the little prince that the earth is a very lonely place. The snake is decieving the little prince.

The fox was the most important character in the story except the little prince himself. He told us that it is only with the heart that we can see clearly but what is essential is invisible to the eye. He also said ,"It is the time that you spend with your rose that makes it unique." He also taught the little prince about taming. To tame someone or something , is to learn to need eachother. You do something with eachother that makes you two unique. 

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