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Essay/Term paper: Problems in today's society

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Book Reports

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Problems In Today's Society

There are many problems right now in the society. Some of these
problems can be easily solved, or can be impossible to solve depending how bad
it is. Many people think these problems should be solved by the governments,
since they are in charge. But we can also solve these problems if we get
together. Not all the problems, but some that can be solved. I think the three
major problems in the society today are: unemployment, violence, and pollution.

The first problem in the society right now is unemployment. Many people
today are either unemployed or underemployed. Some of these people just stay
home and collect their welfare cheque every month, when they should go out and
at least try to get a job. If there are more people like this, the country
would be poor and therefore the government would have to collect more taxes.
Also the standard of living would decrease because of their income that is way
below the average income. Right now, there is also a big gap between the low
income people and the high income people and this is becoming a problem. Low
income people are starting to get lower wages and higher income people are
starting to get higher wages.
Another problem in the society is violence. Today, there are many
violence in the streets, some schools, and also in the media. These violence in
the streets can cause the neighbourhood to become a bad place to live. This
will cause people not to go there or move in there because of these violence.
There are also many violence and gangs in some school, causing some of the
school to be very unsafe to go. With these violence and gangs, students will
probably be afraid of these people. In addition, the media can contain violence
too. These violence, can cause kids to do what ever is on TV. For example, my
little brother likes to watch wrestling and he sometimes does wrestling moves on
me for no reason and thinking it's fun. Even though it doesn't hurt me because
I'm bigger than him, he might hurt someone smaller in school or something.
The third problem in the society today is pollution. Many things these
days cause pollution such as cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, factories,
CFC cans, etc.. All these things together can cause a pollution problem in the
society today. The CFC cans used to be a serious problem to the ozone layer,
but luckily it was taken off the market. Refrigerators and air conditioners are
also a problem to the zone because of the liquid called freon. These machines
use this liquid that makes it cold, but when these liquids are released from
damaging the machine, it releases a gas that breaks down the zone layers. In
addition, cars also can cause a lot of pollution because of the carbon monoxide
it produces. This would cause the air to be bad, cause global warming, which
would cause the earth to have longer summers or vice versa, longer winters, and
would also cause acid rain.
In conclusion, unemployment, violence, and pollution would consider to
be the three major problems in the society today. People and the government
should get together and try to solve these problems in order to make this planet
a safe and good place to live. If these problems are not solved, there might
not even be an Earth in the future to live on.


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