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Essay/Term paper: A chemist

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Chemistry

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A Chemist

Becoming a chemist takes a lot of hard work and discipline. One very
importan aspect of being a chemist is English, Comunication is of the utter most
importance (Murphy). As well as having good communication skills, you also need
a lot of patience. However, there are many other qualities you will need such as
an excellent learning ability and mathematical skills. You will also need to be
able to preceive concepts or objects. Once you get into college you need to know
what kind of degree to get in order to have a fulfilling and successful career.
For most entry level jobs a BS degree is sufficient. However, for a college
teaching job a Ph.D. is required (Choices).
After obtaining a degree, your next step would be to find a job. According
to Jerry Murphy, if you want an easy way into the chemistry field you need to
know someone already in that occupation. For the most part in Missouri,
employment is increasing. Nevertheless, if you are not restricted to finding a
job in Missouri, in the United States a whole employment is expected to increase
21% (Choices).
After finding a job in the chemistry field that you will enjoy another
quesiton arises, money. On hte average if you begin working at a entry level
job witha bachelors degree your salary will be somewhere around $24,000 a year.
If you start work with a masters degree you can expect about $32,000 and with a
Ph.D. as mcuh as $60,000 ("Chemists")
Research and development is the subcareer most chemist choose. In this
subfield your primary goal would be to look for and use information about
chemicals ("Chemists"). A chemists also spends a considerable amount of time in
an office where he/she stores information or reports about research he/she has
made. There are two different types of research basic research and applied
research. In basic research a chemists studies the qualities and what makes up
matter. In applied chemistry a chemist uses information obtained from basic
research and puts it to practical use ("Chemists"). Chemistry includes many
other subfields some of these are analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and
physical chemistry. Analytical chemists ascertain the nature, structure, and
composition of a substance. Organic chemistry involves orgainc substances.
Aphysical chemist, however, studies the attributes of atoms and molecules. Also
they study why and how chemical reactions occur (Choices).
After researching this career thoroughly I have concluded that this
occupation, even though it is not my first choice, would be a good career to
pursue. According to the information I have obtained employment should increse
over the next couple of years allowing for a fairly lucrative life if I obtain a
good degree. I will attempt to pursue this career even though my English skills
are lacking.


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