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Essay/Term paper: Where is atlantis

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Book Reports

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Where is it?

Atlantis was an ancient civilization which was destroyed in one

massive explosion. Many people have searched for Atlantis but it has still

not been found. According to Plato, a Greek philosopher, Atlantis was

located in the Atlantic Ocean past the pillars of Hercules, the Strait of

Gibraltar. Plato has been credited with many scientific discoveries, but

Atlantis"s existence is still unproved. "Plato, one of the fathers of western

thought, is out sole direct source for the legend of Atlantis. His

fragmentary account of the continent that was swallowed up by the sea

still excited the modern mind." (Reader"s Digest)

The story of Atlantis began about 11,000 years ago. Atlantis was the

dwelling of Poseidon, the sea god in Greek mythology. Poseidon fell in

love with a mortal woman, Cleito. He built an island, Atlantis, and he

constructed a elaborate house in the center of the island. Poseidon built

rings of land and water surrounding his house with walls on either side of

them. Poseidon and Cleito had five sets of twin boys who would become

the rulers of the island. Once the boys were old enough to

rule each was given a section of the island to rule. Atlantis had a huge

plain and very high mountains. Many exotic animals and plants inhabited

the island. As the story goes the highly advanced inhabitants slowly

became corrupt. The gods called a meeting and discussed what should be

done. They decided to destroy the island to punish the Atlanteans. In one

massive explosion beautiful Atlantis was gone.

Atlantis has been mentioned in hundreds of readings, but none give

the exact location of the destroyed island if it really once existed.

Even though the Atlanteans were advanced in technology they lost

contact with their religion (Edgar Cayce)surrounding countries. Even

though Atlantis was destroyed the survivors probably fled to nearby

advance civilizations. Egypt did become one of the most advance

civilizations in the World.

Plato gives a vivid description of what Atlantis looked like in his

wrightings. There was a 300 foot wide, 100 foot deep canal on Atlantis. 5.5

miles from the ocean was where the rings of water and land were located.

there were three sets of rings. Each of the land rings were surrounded by

walls which were coated in precious metals. On the continent of Atlantis

there was a huge plain 330 miles long and 110 miles wide. To the north of

the plain there were very high mountains.

The search for Atlantis has been narrowed down to three places.

First, the Azores Islands. These islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean

and are roughly where Atlantis was supposedly located. These islands

could be the tops of Atlantis"s very high mountains, or they could just be a

group of islands in the Atlantic. Time will tell. The only problem with

this theory is that there is no evidence of a highly advanced civilization, on

the island or under the sea. The second location is the Bimini Islands of the

coast of Florida. These islands have huge roads of stone blocks they lead

off into the ocean. These islands are close to the Bermuda Triangle, which

is a source of countless mysteries. These islands could also be the tops of

the mountains that were on Atlantis, or they could be the remnants of the

continent itself. The third location is the Greek island of Thera. A highly

advanced civilization lived on this island until its destruction, the survivors

fled to neighboring countries and merged in with the other societies. On

Thera there are many artifacts and buildings left, but much of the island is

gone or sunken into the Mediterranean. Three fourths of the island was

destroyed in the explosion destroying or sinking most of the islanders

Thera is a volcanic island and was completely destroyed by and explosion

about 900 years before Christ. There is one problem though, Plato stated

that Atlantis existed 9000 years before Christ.

Although Atlantis has still not been found the search continues.

Many expensive high-tech devices are used in the search. Some of the

tools are: remote operated submarines, radar equipped boats, and high

tech mini-submarines driven by humans. Even with all of the technology

Atlantis still remains a myth. "It was not a poart of any ancient oral

tradition. It was not a legend passed down, by word of mouth, from

generation to generation, over the centuries. It was the work of one man,

Plato." (Reader"s Digest)


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