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Essay/Term paper: Why organized sports are benificial

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Book Reports

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25 million American children can not be wrong. Even though at least 20 million of these

kids will suffer injury by the age of 15, only 10% of the injuries are serious enough to require

more than one visit to the doctor. I have been playing baseball as well as other organized sports

for almost 15 years; and in my opinion, sports develop friendship and self-esteem. I believe that

coaches should take a "how-to" class on what a coach should and should not do.

Injuries occur for three main reasons. First, because parents push their children past their

natural ability level, thus it causes injury to the over worked body parts. Second, an accident

occurs such as a turned ankle or a ball taking a bad bounce and hitting a player. The third, and

most common reason, a coach teaches a player the wrong way to perform specific task. For

example, when I was 12 years old, my baseball coach taught me the wrong way to throw a curve

ball. After repeatedly throwing the wrong way, I tore a ligament in my right elbow. If my coach

at that time, would have taken some kind of class, he would have known the proper way to teach

the technique.

Nevertheless, I feel that sports should greatly benefit a child's self-esteem. Competition

also builds self-esteem because children grow both emotionally and physically and sports help to

develop a positive view of both themselves and their athletic skills. As long as children feel that

they are beneficial to the team, they are developing self-esteem because they see their personal

role in the team as important to the whole cause. If a child is not athletically gifted, he can

always take up a more non-competitive sport such as jogging or weight-training. This will also

build self-esteem because the child can see his improvement and relate to others at the same

time (Michelli and Jenkins).

As well as building self-esteem, sports can help develop life-long friendships. Children

form all different ethnic and religious backgrounds come together to play a game. This makes a

good place for children to mingle with others of the same age. This can in turn give each child a

sense of belonging and camaraderie between different races. Athletics also allow children to

learn about their abilities as compared to other children of the same age. Children learn about

talent that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. If I had not been involved in sports from an

early age, I may have never discovered the talent that I have in baseball. I loved playing baseball

from the first day I stepped on the field. I feel that most every child has a good time being

around children of their own age. If not for the fun of playing the game, then for the fun of being

around children that are different from them.

In conclusion, children have fun while building self-esteem and making new friendships.

I believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far. That is why I believe we should

let kids have fun, and learn about themselves while doing it. 

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