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Essay/Term paper: 8 nights

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Book Reports

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8 nights

-A murder on the eighth night was
caused by an old mans "evil" eye.

By Oscar Villa______
Fourth Period

Vancouver, WA- An unidentified old
man was murdered in his own residence last night when his butler confessed to murdering him. The butler"s motive was to get rid of the old man"s "evil" looking eye.
"It all started about 1 week ago" the butler explained. "I just couldn"t keep on looking at the old man"s "evil" eye. I went in his sleeping quarters every night for eight nights but I didn"t kill him though, because his eye wasn"t open. I wanted to kill him with his eye open. On the eighth night was when I did it. I made a little to much noise trying to sneak into his room, the old man awoke. I stayed very still for about an hour then I shined my lantern on his eye and I could see that it was opened so I attacked, I got one of his pillows and suffocated him, I then dismembered his body in the bathtub so there wouldn"t be any traces of blood to be found. I then put the body parts under the planks in the floor," explained the butler.

"When we went to the house to check out a scream a neighbor heard, the butler opened the door and was real nice, he let us snoop around the house to show us that nothing was wrong. He said he had a bad dream. Then when he took us into the old man"s sleeping chamber he started to get real impatient and started to act weird that is when he confessed the murder to us." explained a detective. "When we took off the planks we saw the dismembered body parts and then we arrested him." said detective Smith. "If it wasn"t for that neighbor that heard the scream we would have never known there was a murder." The butler is now in a hospital for the criminally insane. The butler is now awaiting his court dates yet to be announced.


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