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Essay/Term paper: A hamlet childhood memory

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Book Reports

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I guess I have been oblivious up to this point. I knew things were getting weird but I didn't realize the magnitude of it until my dead father rose from the grave to explain things to me. I remember back in the day when things were good. Now everything is rotten. Father is dead and mom is married to Uncle Claudius, who is also king. How did I not see what was going on? I never suspected mom of cheating on dad. I guess it was possible because he was always away being a good king. But how could mom help Claudius kill dad, her husband?
I really never paid attention to what mom or Claudius did around the castle when dad was away. He was away a lot, fighting wars, signing treaties, and being king. He was a busy guy. He always told me to keep things in order when he was away. I guess I screwed up. I remember one incident in particular.
I was must have been eight years old at the time. Dad was going to fight in Norway. We had a talk before he left. We sat down in the courtyard. It was a beautiful day and dad's presence was like another sun. He seemed to glow as he spoke to me. He said, "Hammy, I will be away for a while. I want you to watch mommy, and guard our fortress from invaders. Take this. It will help you be strong." He gave me a small gold dagger. He left that afternoon and I knew he wouldn't be back for a long time.
Things carried on as usual. I ran around the castle playing and shirking any responsibility that I had. One day I was playing hide-and-go-seek with Laertes and the other kids. I accidentally strayed from the other kids. I just wandered around for a while. I was roaming through the maze of hedges in the courtyard, when I heard voices. I peaked through a bush and saw mom and Uncle Claudius.
"Come on baby. I know you want it," said Claudius.
"Oh Claudius! You are so silly. I have a family. I don't need you." she replied as she walked away.
"I'll see you later baby!!" he shouted.
As I peered through the bush, someone jumped on top of me. It was Laertes. He scared me for a second, but then I just wrestled him off me. We continued our game as if nothing ever happened. Whatever happened between mom and Claudius I forgot.
Life carried on. Dad came and went here and there. Every now and then I saw mom and Claudius speaking, or walking into some room. I never thought anything of it at the time though. Now in retrospect, I realize mom had succumb to Claudius's advances. She was weak but I forgive her.

I wish dad was around. He always knew how to handle situations and save the day. I guess that's why he was such a great king. Now his ghost is telling me to take care of business and set things in order. I guess I am going to have to take out the garbage.

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