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Essay/Term paper: A raisin in the sun

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Book Reports

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Tommy Giordano
Per. 3
Essay # 13

The story of A RAISIN IN THE SUN about a black family stuggling
through family and economic hardships. The story ended as the head of the
family Walter took control, became a family man, and rejected an offer from a
white businessman to stay out of a white neighborhood and to stay with all
blacks. This offer disgusted the Younger family and hurt their black pride. I
would like in my own words to continue this story as I see it fit to occur. Three
changes I would make would be is Walter is forced to take action against
segregation, the grandmother passing away, and how the blacks finally became
accepted and began to enjoy and be proud of where they live.

As the Younger family moves themselves into a white suburban
neighborghood the whites in the community are upset that they have come to be
with them. Their direct neighbors who have a son that is Travis's age no longer
lets her son play with Travis and he become hurt and confused. Walter has to
explain that many people that are white beleive that they are better then those
who are black. Travis who is stay in dismay and is confused waits at home while
Walter goes over to the neighbors house to talk to them about what has
happened. Walter is, in good reason, very angry and annoyed by the racist
whites. He goes over and at first tries his best to stay calm over the situation.
The white father then says, "Listen, if I ever see your son with mine, I will
througth that little black spoiled brat back into your yard." Walter becomes
enraged and hits the man directly in the face as hard as he can. This brings an
upraw amongst the Youngers and the entire community. Thus bringing the
whites, even those who weren't before, totally against the Younger family.

After the eventual calming down of the community and the lowering of
racial tensions of the blacks against the whites, grandma Ruth who paid her own
$10,000 for the house they live in dies in her sleep, but in the hapiness of
knowing her family can get along by themselves. The Younger family is at first
very upset and sad because of the death, but they relize that she is where she
really wants to be, with her husband. Beneatha is now unsure if she should go
off to college because of the death. Walter has a private talk with ehr and
convinces her that it would be the best for her future, and that she would regret
her decision if she didn't go.

Slowly but surely the Youngers wanted to become a part of the
community, and were taken as some. The first people of the Younger family to
associate and try to become friends with the whites is the young Travis. As
Beneatha is off at school Travis brings home a white friend one Friday afternoon
to play with him. His parents have no objection, and think that he may be the
most grown up in the family, because he is willing to forgive and forget. The rest
of the Younger family tries to follow in the foot steps of the little boy. Walter
slowly forgives the whites who slowly change their attitudes towards them. Down
the road another black family moves in and keeps the Youngers company and
gives them some one to relate with. As three or four more blacks gradually move
into the neighborhood the community becomes more black-white oriented and
they finally get along together and are able to share their lives in equality.

This is my happy ending to the story, A RAISIN IN THE SUN. I feel that
the whites in the community would eventually become more and more friendly
with the blacks and more comfortable with them. The hardships the Younger
family have been through helped very much to bring the family together and too
make their love for each other more than it was at the beginning of the book.

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