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Essay/Term paper: How to listen to music, not just hear it

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How to Listen to Music, Not Just Hear it

To learn to listen to music, not just hear itYou need the right room,
the right equipment, the perfect volume, the perfect spot, and (of course), the
embracing of the music. After you have all the proper tools, you can sit and
enjoy the music.
The first consideration is to listen to music in a comfortable chair. I
would highly recommend a good quality Lazy Boy recliner. Now, you need to find
the best room to put that chair in, so you can listen to you music. The room
can be any normal room with four walls but, the room can't be wide open. For
example, it can't be an unfinished basement with concrete walls and a cement
floor. The sound will not be able to bounce off the walls and give the effect
as if the sound is coming from behind you, as well as in front of you (the
surround effect). A good room to listen in, is a typical family room with sheet
rock walls and four ninety degree corners.
The second consideration is placement of speakers. The corners of a
room are the perfect spot for your speakers. You shouldn't position them flush
against the wall, but put the back of the speaker into the corner, so each side
of the speaker is against each wall. For this reason, the bass is extended
(louder), and the tweeters, mid-range, and woofers give you their undivided
Where to sit is simple, but it takes some easy calculations to find the
perfect spot. There is a common rule for a person to experience the full effect
of the music. In order to do this, measure the distance between the two speaker
cabinets. If the speaker's cabinets are placed twelve feet apart from each
other, divide twelve feet in half, which gives us six feet. That's the middle,
so mark that location. From that mark, measure twelve feet back, and mark that
spot on the floor. You have found the perfect spot for you to achieve the best
sound from your music.
Next, you need a receiver. The receiver is a power source and a
switchboard for your additional stereo components. Any receiver will do, as
long as it has one-hundred watts per speaker out-put. Then, you need a compact
disc player, a single or a five disc is fine. Some speaker wire is a must.
Speakers on the other hand, are a tough choice because there are so many
of them. You want to spend at least four-hundred dollars when buying speakers.
Anything lower than four-hundred dollars is usually low quality, which can
increase the risk of destroying your speakers.
When you decide on three sets of speakers (one set equals two speakers)
at you local speaker shop, have a salesman play some of your cd's that you
brought with you. Make sure you listen to the same song per set of speakers.
Also, bring different types; classical, jazz, blues, rap, and 80's; whatever.
Forget what the salesman says. Just remember, your ears won't deceive you.
Figure out what sounds the best to you, then slap your credit card down and
lets' go home and listen to some music.
After you've placed your speakers, hooked up your receiver, connected
your compact disc player, and put your couch or music chair in the ³full effect²
spot in your family room, now you can turn on the receiver and compact disc
player, and put in one of your favorite compact disc's. One problem; do not hit
the play button yet. Sorry! You first need to make sure the volume is at its
lowest point. Make sure the CD button on the receiver has been pushed.
Now here's a little advice from a male. We males are supposed to know
our remote controls, according to woman. So, if you're a woman who is reading
this, you need to get to know your remote control(s). You need to memorize
where the mute button is, and where the CD skip, advance, and play are located.
The two most important buttons on a remote control are volume. The remote
control has to be an extension of your hand. You need to love the remote
control, and the remote control needs to love you. Play with it until you can
move your thumb and index finger over it with grace and precision.
Here comes the part when you need to test your babies (speakers).
You've been anticipating this moment from the time you got bit by the quality
sound bug. Press play on the compact disc player and sit back and listen to
your favorite song. Turn the volume up; don't be afraid. Now, turn it up to the
ten o'clock position. If there's no distortion, only clean sound, then turn it
up a little more. Try the twelve o'clock position. If there's some or no
distortion, you've found the maximum sound out-put. I would recommend that you
don't go over the twelve o'clock position, because you could damage your
speakers. Now fiddle with the volume until you can hear and feel every
instrument clearly. Also, it's best if you can close your eyes and visualize
the music. Picture all the sound surrounding you, working it's way into your
ears. The music will start to sound like its coming from behind you as well as
in front of you.
Listening to music takes a little practice. All you have to do is
listen to the notes of the music. You will feel the beat of the music in your
chest. I know it can be intimidating, but if you give it time, the music will
flow through you.
When the music is flowing through you, I hope you have a big smile on
your face. That happiness may turn into tear in the eye. It did for me the
first time I listened to music. I hope you successfully understood how to
listen to music, not just hear it.


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