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Essay/Term paper: College essay

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Essays

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many things but among those lessons I learn how to cooperate with others; learn the

importance of respecting others: and learned joy of accomplishments.

When I was practicing in class I notice there was a person who outstand others by

the skill and agility, but when we all practice together that same person destroyed the

whole unity and ruined the group excercise. I realized that society is just like this, such

that one can have outstanding knowledge but does not know how to cooperate with other

than his knowledge useless. I think that is why colleges stresses on the unity as well as

indivialality at same time.

Respect was one of the important element in our lives. When we respect others

we automatically raise our selves and earn respects as well. However respecting senor

belt was easy but respecting lower ranked belt was very hard. I could not respect them

because I look down on them. When I did not show respect to my junior belts they did

not respect me because I was younger than them and I was kid. But as I start to learn to

respect juniors as well as

Most important thing I learn from martial art was joy of accomplishment. When I

practice 4 years and took the black belt test, I became 1st degree black belt. It was the

joy that no one can understand as long as they experience by themselves. It was nothing

but just a belt, but the joy was greater than any thing. after 1st degree black belt my class

became more harsh and vigor. However I overcame these adversity and became 2nd Dan

degree black belt because I knew the joy when I accomplish my goal. Whenever I wanted

to quite and lie down and relaxe during the classes I reminded about the accomoplisment.

Now I do not quiet no matter how hard and how tire I become because I know when I

finally accomplish my goal it is going to be the best feeling that ever exist.

This is why I loved Tang Soo Do and practiced for 7 years. Because it was not

just excercise but it was where I was molded and incribed. Reason for mentioning about

these lesson was that martial art was the place where I was made and now I want your

college to be my next school that become the place of where I fully made.. My interest in

writing this essay is to attract attention, wanting to depart from convention and not be

limited to the constraints of length or brevity. The college essay is the only part in my

application that I truly can express and present myself to show who Dae Keun Kwin really

is. Consequently I have decided to be somewhat unique and have added my self portrait

as well as a picture of me practicing Tang Soo Do*.

My life greatly reflects on the finest qualities inherent on my martial art training. It

inscribed me in such way that one can not truly depict me with out mentioning about Tang

Soo Do. Martial art trainig was not just exercise for me, but was my hobby and my

mentor. From martial art I learn  

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